Myanmar Govt Now Cautious About JE Vaccination

Authority reinforcing safety precautions on Japanese Encephalitis vaccination programme
December 5, 2017
To ensure the safety of the second phase of the vaccination programme, health staff will check the children’s medical biography to determine whether the children should receive the vaccination against Japanese encephalitis. The health staff will also post informational posters depicting symptoms and conditions in which the vaccine is not to be administered for parents. Question and answer sessions will also be widely conducted. Children will be put under observation for an hour after being vaccinated and all will be reminded to inform the doctor if any symptoms appear.
“A vaccination team will not vaccinate more than 100 children. Then, we will keep a health staff at the vaccination programme health centre as a standby to ask for the medical biography of the children. We also will keep the health group to observe the post-vaccination condition of the children. We are also planning to provide the key message of the consequences of the JE vaccination to the parents. We are also making ready to provide emergency treatment if we find any post-vaccination problems,” said Dr. Than Tun Aung.