Letter to a Doctor on the Vaccination Issue

Respected Dr ___,
I am not opposed to prevention. I question vaccines on very valid grounds based upon views of mainstream doctors and immunologists, my own study, and interaction with parents of vaccine injured children.
I am surprised that so few from among the medical community are engaged in critically studying the practice of vaccination; one that has been accepted blindly depending upon drug industry claims alone. It is a fact that anyone attempting to research into the intricacies of the vaccination process is recoiling in horror and speaking out against the practice.
I do not trust the system because it is muddled with conflict of interest and the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. I understand the anguish of genuine practitioners but also know that what they are recommending is not being followed. The system has been well and truly hijacked.
We do a great disservice to the population by offering risky products as panacea without revealing to them the risks. We make matters worse when we deny the after effects and do not talk about redressing those harmed.
Once again, I am not opposed to prevention. No one is. However we also have to study both health and disease as per new emerging knowledge. Our present knowledge of the immune system is that it encompasses cells, organs, the lymphatic system, the entire body and even the mind, and this new knowledge does not support vaccines any more. Our knowledge of the human microbiome urges us to be careful. Our knowledge of the gut-brain connection calls for extreme caution. Our knowledge of the effects of toxins being passed on to future generations should make us think twice. We know that herd immunity applies only to natural exposure and not to vaccines. We know about the Th1-Th2 imbalance due to vaccines predisposing the body to serious chronic disorders. We also know that vaccination harm is all encompassing and not limited to the body. We know we have not studied the long term effects. 
The emerging epidemics of immune system disorders, inflammatory disorders, toxic syndrome, nervous system disorders, mental and behavioural disorders and the resulting social disruption should scare us all because each of them has been linked to vaccines by peer reviewed published studies. We know that these and even proven vaccine controversies like vaccine failures, vaccine induced epidemics, vaccine induced strain shifts, and antibody related disorders are not a part of the medical curriculum. It is frightening when we realize that the medical fraternity knows next to nothing about vaccines despite the growing body of evidence that is crying out loud. This should trouble the collective conscience.
I think the time has come to actively start looking beyond vaccines. People have lost trust and this trust will further erode as studied dangerous vaccines are being pushed and mandated. This lack of trust is spreading beyond vaccines and antibiotics and people are doing their own research and taking care of themselves instead of blindly depending upon the system. It is only this phenomenon of mass scale rejection of mainstream medicine that is worrying our policy makers and they are taking stringent steps to ensure blind compliance - not a part of science you will agree!
I will trust the system only if people like you and many other sensitive and sensible people that I know of are in total charge. I do not trust the industry and people like Paul Offit, Seth Mnookin, Richard Pan, Bill Gates and now Soumya Swaminathan who are the persons driving vaccines. I have worked in the corporate sector for 24 years and I know how it works and how profit is the only concern. In such situations, science, altruism and common sense are the first casualties. These elements have long collapsed as far as the vaccine industry is concerned.
I am not opposed to vaccines if they can be made toxin free and used selectively during genuine epidemics of diseases that cannot be controlled otherwise. There should also be a system of acceptance of adverse effects and taking care of those killed and injured. Let the huge amounts of money spent on mass vaccination drives be used to usher in health through nutrition, sanitation and other measures. Let us allow acute illnesses be and resist the trend of suppressing them; thereby encouraging the progress towards serious chronic disorders. The present medical set up just loves disease for all the potential for profit that it offers. It abhors health and sanity.
It was India which pioneered this form of prevention as small pox spores were dried in sunlight for a year, stored in leather pouches and a small quantity blown into the faces of vulnerable populations in times when small pox used to make its appearance. This was a good way of mimicking natural exposure with weakened disease organisms. Certain people fell sick, recovered and gained something very close to natural immunity. There were also people who fell violently sick and died as they were susceptible and could not tolerate even this exposure. They would not have fallen sick or died but for this artificial intervention. This should make us ponder and let it sink in that health enhancing measures alone amount to real prevention.
I am not anti-prevention. I am pro-health and am aware that good health prevents many a disease. Acute illness per se is often the body's efforts to heal and rid itself of inherited toxicity or disease states. Vaccines do not deliver health. They manipulate the system in a way that is yet to be fully studied. It is a mass experiment that will always remain so considering the many uncertainties and the nature of the forces that drive it.
Personally I will never submit myself to vaccines anymore. The only silver lining to my experience is that it has opened my eyes and made me capable of taking care of myself - unless of course a truck hits me on the highway!
With love & regards,