Letter from an Awakened Father to His Daughter.

Letter from an Awakened Father to His Daughter.
Dear Sophia,
I've given up all addictions that sedate my nervous system, so I can make the best decisions for you possible. No caffeine, no alcohol, no junk food, no medical drugs, no fluoride, no vaccines, no mercury teeth fillings and no wifi in the home. I don't run with the herd to teach you courage. I don't vaccinate you because there's no proof vaccines do anything but damage children. A real man researches everything before acting and doesn't feel the pressure of weaker men, who long to fit in and be accepted by the crowd. I protect you from the forces of evil that masquerade as government, science and medicine because my spirit sees all, in its' unpolluted state and natural state. A person who lives in their center can never be manipulated or rocked. I work hard to out smart our cleverly designed tyrannical system of slavery that is sold as freedom, in order to buy you only organic food because I love and protect you, the same way I love and protect myself. My clean mind, soul and spirit sees the manipulations and obfuscations of our social engineers and this aids me in maneuvering quickly as to avoid their plans for making you less on all levels. I invest only in clean water so your body gets what it needs. I use my magic to make you feel as safe as possible at all times. I use my writing and speaking skills to save as many other children as I can, during my time here on the planet. May you use your magic to change the world for the better, as I have used mine. Fear nothing other than a empty and soulless existence. To be healthy inside a profoundly sick society is the ultimate act of rebellion. Be brave for those around you and lead by example.
Love always
Your Dad
Jason Christopher