Non Polio Enteroviruses Replacing Polio Virus?

India’s Victory Over Polio Has an Unexpected Consequence
One group of scientists, led by C. Durga Rao, a microbiologist at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, found that in samples taken from nearly 2,800 Indian children with non-polio AFP between 2007 and 2009, about 35% tested positive for non-polio enterovirus infections.
The study, published in 2012, showed that the most-prevalent virus among them was EV 71, which for decades has been related to AFP elsewhere in the world, but Dr. Rao said the findings were the first to detect it in a large number of cases in India.
EV 71 can cause AFP and is also linked to diseases like meningitis, encephalitis (swelling in the brain) and hand, foot and mouth disease.
“Considering the wide range of crippling and deadly diseases associated with enterovirus infections, the lack of active research on these viruses in India is of great concern,” Dr. Rao wrote in an article titled “Non-Polio Enteroviruses, the Neglected and Emerging Human Pathogens: Are We Waiting for the Sizzling Enterovirus Volcano to Erupt?” published in Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, an Indian scientific journal, in March.