More the health care, the higher the mortality rates!

"More the health care, the higher the mortality rates!"
- Jagannath Chatterjee

In the year 1978 Cochrane et al made a remarkable finding; increasing the number of physicians in a society led to an increase in death rates. This was a study based on data from 18 countries. They studied the phenomenon variously but the results stayed the same. They called the study, "Anomaly That Wouldn't Go Away"! This was preceded by the Thomas McKeown study "Role of Medicine" that had pointed out exactly what Cochrane et al found. In 1975 Ivan Illich wrote the famous treatise "The Medical Nemesis" and castigated the medical community for spreading death and disease. Many similar studies notably the 1980 Wimberly study, the Mackenbach study, Matteson et al, McKinlay and McKinlay, and Jayachandran and Jarvis findings have substantiated what has now been known for a long time - the more health care, the higher the mortality rates! Since then the drug industry has sponsored studies that have tried to find flaws in these finding but by then the damage was done. The cat was out of the bag.