Sign Petition: Minister AYUSH: Sir, Please Publicize Homeopathic Immunizations

Please sign the Petition:
Minister, AYUSH: Sir, Please Publicize Homeopathic Immunizations 

The Hon'ble Minister,
Ministry of AYUSH
New Delhi,
Respected Sir,
Please accept our pranam. We wish to profusely thank your esteemed Ministry for highlighting recently that homeopathy can address the problems of children. This step is very necessary for treating children with autism, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, epilepsy and depression - conditions that are gaining epidemic proportions with each passing day.
As per the Secretary of the Autism Society of India, there are 80,00,000 (8 million) autistic children in India - a statement delivered at the International Conference on Autism at Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year 2011.
These conditions are controversial and are linked to vaccines (containing mercury, aluminum, other adjuvants and disinfectants, animal & human DNA etc) by numerous studies and research papers that are available in the public domain. This is a list that now contains link to 124 research papers;
The link of mercury (thiomersal) in vaccines to numerous conditions in children is supported by research papers in this book;
Thiomersal: Let the Science Speak
There is also an extensively researched medical textbook on the subject;
Autism: The Diagnosis, Treatment and Etilogy of the Undeniable Epidemic
Another medical textbook too deals with the adverse effects of adjuvants used in vaccines;
Vaccines and Autoimmunity
Whose summary is here;

Here is a 300+ page research compilation linking vaccines to 200 serious conditions in pdf format;
There are other serious concerns also with vaccination that are not being addressed;
 The record of homeopathic treatment of epidemics:
My objective is not to stir a controversy but to apprise you and your esteemed officials about facts so that the afflicted children can receive a proper diagnosis and be treated effectively.
Today educated parents around the globe are preferring safe alternatives like homeopathic prophylaxis. Homeopathy has a history of successes in both treating childhood illnesses and also preventing diseases in children as pointed out by the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH), India.
We would request you to kindly publicize the homeopathic immunizations so that parents can effectively keep their children protected without worrying about adverse effects. Kindly also introduce a Homeopathic Immunization Card so that parents can submit the same to the schools where they decide to educate their children.
Thanking you once again for your wonderful initiatives, I remain.
Respectfully yours,