Synergistic Toxicity and Vaccine Safety

Injection Vs. Ingestion: Synergistic Toxicity and Vaccine Safety

First of all, anyone with a basic knowledge of biology should know the difference between injection and ingestion, one goes to the bloodstream, the other to the GI Tract.  Biologically they are much different, and that should end the argument right there with just simple biological logic. Let’s go a little deeper but also try and keep it simple.

Thimerosal is a vaccine preservative and well known neurotoxin (1) which is 49.55% mercury by weight (56.73% “Ethylmercury (etHg)” by weight).

When ingested, most of the mercury in tuna does not enter the body, but passes out in the stool. The mercury that does absorb is metabolized as methylmercury (meHG). Absorbing through the gut, first through the liver. This is called “First Pass”. The mercury going through the liver is conjugated by glutathione, then that conjugated glutathione is passed out in bile and then the stool.

When injected it is metabolized (converted) into the more toxic and harmful methylmercury.  Because it is injected, it avoids the ‘first pass’ through the liver where it could be filtered, instead it circulates throughout all the other tissues and organs. Mercury has a high affinity (binds well with) certain tissues, including neurological tissue, brain, kidneys, etc. So, in short then, the most harmful, long-term-toxic mercury is retained in the bodily tissue (Dr. Paul G. King).  Anyone can look up bio-accumulation of mercury in the body and the half life,  It’s not pretty.

In real life the toxic effect of both ingestion and injection of both types, ‘etHg and meHg combined, might result in enhanced neurotoxic effects.’  But studies seem to indicate ‘knowledge on this subject is still incomplete, and more is required to address the predictability of the additive or synergistic toxicological effects of etHg and meHg (or other neurotoxicants).’ (1a)

The pro vaccine advocate will usually try and confuse you at this point with some sort of misdirection blather about how either one of these, methylmercury or ethylmercury, are perfectly safe and/or that they are harmless and pass through safely no matter what the circumstance.  The FDA disagrees, in fact they say they:

“lack definitive data on the comparative toxicities of ethyl- versus methylmercury, they considered ethyl- and methyl-mercury as equivalent in its risk evaluation. There are some data and studies bearing directly on thimerosal toxicity and these are summarized in this section.” (2)

Further, “(mercury) injection is distributed primarily in the central nervous system, kidneys, liver, and skin. Mercury crosses the blood brain barrier and the placenta; infants and the fetus are the most at risk for toxicity to occur. Mercury exposure by expecting mothers has been shown to cause neurological abnormalities. Infants exposed in utero to mercury have shown developmental delays. In addition, the possibility of a link between mercury exposure and neurological disorders such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been evaluated. Concentrations of thimerosal in vaccines and immunoglobulins range between 0.005 and 0.02%, a non-toxic concentration. However, a concern exists, not from exposure to a single vaccine, but that over a relatively short time span, children can be exposed to multiple vaccinations containing thimerosal. This repeated exposure might put children at risk for mercury toxicity.” (5)

The FDA has admitted that the safety of Thimerosal, when used as a preservative, has not been established to the regulatory standard, “sufficiently nontoxic… .” (6) This fact was established in a three-year investigation by a United States House Committee and set forth in the “A. Findings” section of its published 2003 report as set forth in Title 21 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR) at paragraph 610.15(a)[21 CFR § 610.15(a)]. (7)

The problem is the House Committee study only looked into the effects of a single product, not the effect of multiple products (many different vaccines over a short period of time).  There are no studies showing the safety of mixing different heavy metals such as Al (Aluminum) and Thimerosal. There are physical studies of mercury and aluminum in open air experiments which show rapid oxidative stress and violent reactions.  No tests have been done on what happens when these elements meet together in let’s say the brain or organs.