Health: We Need A Change In Paradigm

Mainstream View of Health: We Need A Change In Paradigm
- Jagannath Chatterjee

On many groups sincere doctors are lamenting the state of health prevalent today and the misery faced by the poor and vulnerable on account of the impact on them. In the poor the diseases are compounded by acute malnutrition and inability to access and/or afford medical treatment. Many are gently suggesting the need for a change in paradigm - from disease centered approach to a whole patient and environment approach.

I think Dr B M Hegde has tackled this issue very wisely in his books and writings but unfortunately this genius friend of the masses is ignored because he strikes at the root of the current mainstream practice and proposes a judicious system of integrated medicine with ayurveda at the fulcrum. Dr M S Valiathan too points out the all embracing nature of ayurveda and its many benefits. This is not acceptable to the people in charge.

Unless we are able to change mindsets - of both doctors and brainwashed public - we are NOT going to see any change and with each succeeding generation we will see a geometric escalation in disease names and complications. Then there are vulture groups - those proposing gene based interventions and transhumanism i.e. creating manbots (a combination of human tissue and gadgets) - who are waiting for doctors and public to give up in desperation and fall in to their traps.

We are looking at a catastrophic situation here engineered by the most devious of brains. While drugs and vaccines are scantly tested for their safety and efficacy, international agencies do test them thoroughly for the physical and mental harm they inflict in well equipped laboratories that are not subject to public knowledge or scrutiny. The Pentagon for example researches on vaccines.

Under these conditions, to put it simply, both people and physicians need to wake up and shed their pet thoughts and fancies. The pretense of science that has endeared this highly toxic system to many must be recognized for what it is - a pretense that has been well and truly exposed. The disease centered interventions have complicated matters to a point where 60-75% of the population cannot expect a return to health. These morbidity figures are now turning into mortality figures after being subject to ICU exploitation and they die 'despite' all attempts by the physicians to revive them.

How long do we turn a blind eye to this worsening situation? Money, position, power over the people, and deep seated arrogance are infusing satanic tendencies into the policy makers at various levels whose sole intent is to protect the industry. You give them any argument, any evidence yet you cannot save them from their self inflicted and willingly embraced ignorance. 

Those who are sane, who have woken up to the situation due to horrific personal or witnessed experiences, and those physicians who are disgusted with the way things are headed need to stand up for the rest. They cannot abrogate their responsibility and remain mute witnesses. 

On my part I suggest a return to the basics.
1. Public health in the form of assured adequate and safe nutrition, clean water, poverty alleviation, housing, safe livelihoods, clean environment, fair to modest degree of hygiene and sanitation.
2. A review of the germ and virus centered assault on the human body.
3. A review of the 'only toxic chemicals' approach.
4. Embracing what the Human Microbiome Project has revealed.
5. Recognizing disease as the result of weakening of the vital force mostly due to inherent and imposed toxicity.
6. Studying the vital force, its processes, friends and enemies.
7. Studying what the genuine systems of medicine have to say about disease and its eradication.
8. Studying the cyclic processes operating within the body and restoring them through lifestyle interventions.
9. Studying the elimination organs, assisting them instead of burdening them with hazardous toxins.
10. Recognizing that the skin is the strongest elimination organ and stop intervening with skin problems.
11. Distinguishing between body elimination efforts and illnesses
12. Stopping the vile process of mass vaccinating infants and children (the harm done will take generations to undo if at all) and reversing the trend of acute illnesses suppression progressing to serious chronic illnesses.
13. Studying acute illnesses, their nature, progress and recovery.
14. Moving back to the era of least intervention.
15. Empowering the general population with common sense health solutions.
16. Fighting against corporate entities that have poisoned our food and environment.

I think this can lead us towards a future where mankind can once again enjoy the benefits of physical and mental health. This will also eliminate much of the criminality and corruption we witness today - as playing with the body and microbes have horrific mental consequences.