Mainstream Medicine: How to stem the rot.

Mainstream Medicine: How to stem the rot.

- Jagannath Chatterjee

The type of effort that will be required to make modern medicine a healing force will not be easily forthcoming. The rot began with I G Farben - the chemical cartel of Bayer, Hoechst and BASF - which financed Hitler's ascent to power and provided his eugenics program full support in the Auschwitz camps where the most inhuman medical experiments were carried out by expert doctors. Even as it backed Hitler this cartel forged relationships with oil and banking cartels of the West to expand its empire and profits. The PR head of Farben later became the prime adviser to Rockefeller. 

When Hitler fell, I G Farben exploited its links to extricate its members from the gallows. The cartels of the West coupled with CIA and possibly MI-6 managed to salvage the situation and surreptitiously rescued the doctors - who under forged identities - joined reputed institutions. Thus the Nazi era never ended but just changed its colors. 

The Rockefeller Foundation captured medicine and allowed only the chemical pharmaceuticals to thrive and grow. It took over the prime medical institutes, and by eliminating dissenters, placed its own agents at the helm. By opening the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research the entire medical education was corrupted and revamped to become the marketing wing of the chemical cartel. 

Prior to this there was not much difference between western medicine and its counterparts in other nations. The rise of the British Empire allowed the western doctors to interact with and learn from other systems. It expanded its use of herbs and consolidated its knowledge about body humors. 

The first attack upon this growth was by Edward Jenner who reintroduced the crudity into the system with his cowpox vaccine in a futile attempt to prevent smallpox, in 1796. Louis Pasteur struck the death knell with his germ theory. Both were vehemently opposed by their thinking colleagues who preferred health over the assault on the human body. 

Antoine Bechamp, MD challenged the germ theory and asserted that the health of the body was of paramount importance. Malicious microbes and germs, he said, became active only AFTER the deterioration of health. While modern medical records extol the virtues of Jenner and Pasteur it fails to mention that both of them could realize the futility of their efforts and conceded to the reality; that health was of prime importance, germs were but secondary. Their failures however suited the chemical cartel fine. 

I G Farben - to escape persecution - dissolved itself to its original components Bayer, BASF and Hoechst, the latter two went ahead to become Abbott and Sanofi-Aventis. A new cartel was formed nurtured by Rockefeller and furthered by Bill Gates. 

Reformers have to acknowledge this history and start by concentrating on healing rather than the present band-aid practice. Medical education should be restored with all industry findings thrown to the dustbin. The new system should be headed by the new healers and not industry pimps. Health of populations and not disease definitions should become the priority. Results and not drug or vaccine targets should be aimed at. If health and happiness is restored the system can consider itself healed.