Study: Swine Flu Vaccine Has Hurt All Categories

More could qualify for Norway swine flu vaccine compensation

Published on Friday, 14th June2013 at 14:31 under the news in brief category, by Lyndsey Smith   .
It is not just children and adolescents who are susceptible to side effects after being given anti-H1N1 vaccine Pandemrix, research from Sweden and Finland now suggests.
A syringe
A syringe
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Four adults in Norway have received compensation after being diagnosed with narcolepsy following vaccination so far. 17 more cases for claims, including eight earlier rejected, are now to be reviewed.
Compensation paid out to patients diagnosed with narcolepsy currently stands at around NOK 45.5 million (about USD 7.92 million/EUR 5.95 million/GBP 5 million at today’s ROE).
The new research means that more are likely to qualify for compensation, according to Norsk Patientskadeerstatning (NPE), the national administrative body that reports to the Ministry of Health and Care Services.
“Obtaining and overview of all the possible side effects of this vaccine is large-scale, complicated, and time-consuming work. There’s still a lot of uncertainty about the impact of the vaccine,” NPE director Rolf Gunnar Jorstad told NRK.