Vaccine Dangers: What the troublemakers admit to.

Vaccines are Dangerous

Finally! The mainstream admits that vaccines are dangerous and cause certain side effects, sometimes serious ones!

“All health care interventions, however, carry the possibility of risk andvaccines are no exception,” said pediatrician and bioethicist Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton of Vanderbilt University, who chaired the institute panel.
The Institute of Medicine found convincing evidence of 14 side effects:
– Fever-triggered seizures, which seldom cause long-term consequences, from the measles-mumps-rubella, or MMR, vaccine.
– MMR also can cause a rare form of brain inflammation in some people with immune problems.
– The varicella vaccine against chickenpox sometimes triggers that viral infection, resulting in widespread chickenpox or a painful relative called shingles. It can also occasionally lead to pneumonia, hepatitis or meningitis.
– Six vaccines—MMR and the chickenpox, hepatitis B, meningococcal and tetanus-containing vaccines—can cause severe allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis.
– Vaccines in general sometimes trigger fainting or a type of shoulder inflammation.
Vaccines were the earliest exercise in one-world government and they succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. The pharmaceutical terror masters who sit in their plush boardrooms are monsters targeting children everywhere. Vaccines, like antibiotics, have dragged children’s health into the gutter—into chronic diseases and a life of dependency on doctors who have no idea of how they’ve been hoodwinked by really bad people.