Some great videos on vaccines, and autism

We asked 1,287 parents of children with autism, if asked how to reduce the rising rates of AUTISM, what would you say? Their answers speak to everyone who is terrified of the epidemic upon us all.

Dr William Muraskin, author of Polio and Its Discontents, argues that polio became a public health priority at the expense of investment in primary health care. Discussing his provocative book, Muraskin argues that a small number of public health advocates hijacked the global health system in pursuit of eradication.

Dr Jacob Puliyel in the BBC "polio" programme. Now on YouTube.

How can anyone trust a medical system that has condoned medical experimentation on children without consent? Outside the Nuremburg rules? And to this day neither admits what it’s done nor aids those affected with gaining access to their records? Without even publishing the results? This is the system on which so many lives now depend and which demands sole authority over healthcare.