Great Post about Vaccine Myths

Eleven Vaccine Myths No One Will Say to Our Face

MythsBy Carolyn Flannery
1) Because Your Child Got Autism, mine got off scott free. Hard to really feel bad about that.
Did your child really get off scott free? Then why are there so many neurodevelopmental disorders? Why is your child overweight? ADD? ADHD? Allergic?  The same toxins and mechanisms that caused autism in our children may well have caused a lower IQ in yours. Especially if he's a boy. Don't you think it's worth finding out before it's too late?  Oh--and AUTISTIC kids have a lack of empathy? ? I don't think so.
2) We have "always" had people who acted like Asperger's. We all have some relative back in the family tree who was a little quirky, right?
Yes, and as long as we've had recorded  human history with enough detail to mention disorders, even the Bible, we've had gold mining (which uses mercury to free the gold), and in the mid 1800's, mercury dental fillings. In the early 1900's through the present,  industrial pollution from steel mills through coal mining. Minamata (Japanese mercury poisoning) victims had many symptoms similar to autism. And it took their government decades to admit it, destroying many lives.
3) The kids who used to be institutionalized and called retarded are now labeled autistic.
First of all California disproved this recently. But sadly, there is another reason this is a total fallacy. Due to abortions of babies who have been detected with Down's and other disorders, the rate of mental retardation and the types of children we may have seen in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, have gone way down. This is not something widely publicized or reported. But Autism is NOT the same thing. If you don't believe me, visit a special ed classroom of severely autistic children who are sometimes writhing in pain on the floor. Compare these to any Down's syndrome child. Visit the Special Olympics ask someone to point out the mentally retarded children vs the autistic children. It is clearly different. Ask some older volunteers how many autistic kids they saw when they started Special Olympics. Also, retarded children did not regress.  Think of your grandmother with Alzheimer's. She was there, now she isn't. That's autism.  Except for the children poisoned in utero. They never had the chance.
There is an easy way to check this. Just find a preschool teacher or daycare owner who has been teaching for over 25 years and ask him or her if they remember seeing autistic children in the 70's or 80's at the rate they are seeing them now. Ask elderly people if they remember stories of children impossible to potty train and nonverbal or vastly behind developmentally at the age of 6, 7, 8. Find some elderly nuns who used to teach. Ask them if they remember classrooms with 60 children in them actually functioning. . . not ideal, but functioning, and ask if that could happen now.
4) If Vaccines really caused autism, why would my trusted nurse, doctor, tell me to get vaccinated?
Anyone who challenges the safety--let alone the practice--of current vaccination ends up Wakefielded--which means reputation destroyed, career ruined, exiled, for speaking truth to power . . Still, most doctors and nurses truly believe they are doing the right thing (except for the frightened nurses who don't want to take a flu shot, either).  Just talk to a Defeat Autism Now doctor who inadvertently poisoned their own child with vaccines to hear the sorrow of those who have lost their belief and trust in a system they invested their life into.  Just as the CDC once said smoking was 'good for you' in the early 60's, and magazines of the time are filled with cigarette ads compromising honest reporting and questioning, so is our media dominated by ads by the same pharamaceutical companies that also make vaccines.
5) If Vaccines really caused autism, why doesn't EVERY child who gets vaccinated have autism ?
If peanut butter can really kill a child who is wildly allergic, why doesn't peanut butter kill every child? 
If overdosing on toothpaste is dangerous for some children why can't we accept that the cumulative effect of too much mercury, aluminum, and other toxins can kill or poison people?
If mercury hurts a fetus if its from tuna, why is it a stretch to say it hurts a fetus if its from a flu shot?
If lithium, a metal type element, treats bipolar, why is it a stretch to say other metals such as mercury injected into a baby might not affect behavior?
Just one example:  Research shows that some children make less glutathione, which helps process mercury and toxins. Normally this variation would not matter--it only matters if someone is exposed to large amounts of toxins.  However, tylenol depletes glutathione. Give a baby who makes low glutathione tylenol so the shot won't hurt, and the lack of glutathione becomes tragic. Give that same baby glutathione before the shot and just maybe he might be okay. Google Jill James and glutathione for details.
6) Autism isn't so bad. Some people think Edison, Einstein, and others have/had autism.
Perhaps this is true. However, Edison and Einstein dropped out  of conventional schooling. Just imagine what ELSE they may have invented had they not had the documented social skills deficits that came with the autism.  And imagine what the world would have lost had they received some mercury-laden shots as infants that locked that talent in. Had they been born in 1997 when hep b at birth started.
Autism is progressive among each generation--more proof it is caused by toxins. Perhaps these genes would lead to a quirky uncle in the 1900s, exposed to mercury making hats like the Mad Hatter or working in the steel mills . The next generation would have some children with bipolar and quirky asperger traits along with gifts. That generation might have a child die of Pink disease from the mercury in the tooth cream of that time. The generation that got Hep B at birth and then one after another vaccine might have a child who is totally nonverbal, in constant gut pain, and still in diapers at the age of 15. These are the children you don't see. The ones you see out and about are literally the tip of the ice berg. Autism isn't "okay" just because some extremely talented people got less poisoned, had family resources that could afford treatment, and were able to overcome some of their deficits.
7) Well maybe vaccines are just weeding out the most weak and taking them out of the gene pool. Or they would have died or gotten sick  anyhow from the diseases the vaccine prevented.
The fact is the infants with the BEST immune systems are the most likely to react to the vaccines, which stimulate the immune systems. We are harming the BEST among us, the best and the brightest. Why are the kids in our stereotypes, the brightest kids, the ones in our memories from the 60s and 70's, the ones with glasses and allergies? Could it be that the best brains have always been the most susceptible to vaccine injury ? These toxins have been in the vaccines since the early 1930's. Some research shows that a high metabolism brain--which can mean a higher IQ- is more sensitive to toxins because it takes more toxins in.
8) There is nothing we can do about autism. Some kids will just outgrow it.
15 years ago parents were told that it was hopeless and nothing could be done. Those parents figured out that their children had been poisoned by vaccines and treated them according to methods based on science about how this could occur and how it could be reversed. Some of those children recovered. Instead of just saying they "outgrew" it, why isn't the CDC trying to study the children who recovered and find out what worked, what didn't work, and if those parents continued to vaccinate. If they are not going to stop autism from happening, at least they could try to understand how to reverse it and prevent it in vulnerable children. How to identify which children are vulnerable. And why haven't they studied "vaccinated" vs unvaccinated. If our children got harmed for the "greater good" then they deserve to be compensated and honored for that sacrifice.
9) If your child doesn't get vaccines, it puts my vaccinated child at risk.
Huh? Isn't it the other way around? If you really believe vaccines work, your child getting injected with live viruses (in some cases) puts MY child at risk. My child, who reacts to vaccinations and cannot tolerate them. My child whose once exquisite immune system now looks like that of an HIV victim with NK killer cells at 7.  Thanks to his vaccines.
10) Autism is caused by two quirky parents getting married --the "WIRED" theory
Wait-- Correlation does not equal causation, right??  This is a cute theory but all it proves is that if you are very bright and technically proficient, and as a child got injured by mercury or vaccines making you quirky or uncoordinated and thus more apt to be nerdy,  then married another quirky person who was very bright and got injured by mercury and vaccines as a child, your child is  more likely to get injured by mercury and vaccines, and more likely to be more damaged by those toxins. And if he gets ten times MORE vaccines than you did, it's almost a given he'll get ADD or autism.
11) People who question vaccine safety are wackos and despise science. They just can't accept the fate that happened to them
Okay folks, think of every warning you ever saw "don't eat fish, it causes fetal damage" . "Don't buy a house with lead paint" . "Be careful what you do in pregnancy--don't take cold medicine even." "Uh oh there is aresenic in rice". "If you dispose of these vaccines or tooth fillings, they have to go into a toxic waste dump because they are poison". "There is a liability protection for  vaccine manufacturers in case a child gets harmed by vaccines".
Okay if those warnings and protections are out there, there must be babies and children out there who DID get exposed to mercury in fish, who DID get exposed to lead paint, who did get harmed by toxins in fillings or vaccines.. Why is it such a stretch to connect these dots? Why are we so blind? Where are all these injured children whose parents didn't see the warnings in time? Could it be they have been labeled autistic?  And why isn't there any effort, at all, to figure out how to reverse the effects of these toxins? Don't tell me there is arsenic in rice, tell me how to get it out of my child, and other children who have difficulties  excreting toxins.
Every one of us DID Vaccinate our children. Because we DID believe the science we had seen. However, after our child developed symptoms, after our child who had been bright and alive started to act like our grandmothers as they descended into Alzheimer's, lost language, lost continence,  lost everything, we started scouring pubmed, the inserts in the vaccine manufacturers information sheets. We saw  that, GUESS WHAT? Vaccines DO harm some children and the government admits it at the same time it pretends they are 'perfectly safe'. The GOVT admitted in 1999 that mercury should be taken out of vaccines, but its still in vaccines shipped overseas.. A decade later it is still in flu vaccines given to pregnant women in America. What we can't accept is that THIS HAPPENED FOR NO REASON. The toxin didn't have to be in the shot. The medical community could have figured out how to detect vulnerable children and not vaccinate them on the same schedule.  It didn't have to happen. And it's STILL HAPPENING TO OTHER CHILDREN in our name, in other countries, and in our name, here in America.  And there is very little research into how to reverse it and help our child recover, and very little insurance coverage for helping our children recover, even for the documented treatments such as ABA.
What can you do to help the person who sent this link to you?Spend an hour today.   Go to and Read the studies, all linked from sites such as pubmed.  Read the parent stories. The same story. Over and over. Read it and weep. Read it and rage. We did. And then join us in our fight to prevent autism, treat autism, and green our vaccines. Thank you for reading. It's the first step. And please forward or share.

Carolyn Flannery is a biomed Mom recovering her child, she thanks Dr. Wakefield and the biomed Moms who have come before her.