Dr Hegde: Vaccines an excuse to make money.

Rotavirus is the bogeyman to make money

Prof Dr B M Hegde
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Disease mongering occurs at a feverish pitch in the vaccination industry, one of the richest medical industries, mostly controlled by the Forbes’ list toppers in the west. Our best bet to avoid diseases is to strengthen our inbuilt immune guard, the healer within

“There is no logic to science. Scientists create and adhere to scientific theories for what are ultimately subjective and even irrational reasons. It can not be denied that the chief engine of human destructiveness has been the phenomenal success of science in the 20th century”—
Paul Karl Feyerabend, in Against Method written in 1975
Vaccination is a big business. While reductionist chemical drugs to treat diseases might have been a boon to the western pharmaceutical companies, vaccination has come as awindfall to them. The clientele for vaccination is the whole world of the new-born babies, a business that will thrive even if the whole of humanity gets rid of diseases. So the rich and the powerful are in this business—big names like Bill Gates, Gavi Alliance are no exception if one cares to read the findings of The Lancet investigations into Bill Gates’s so called charity vis-à-vis vaccines. Gavi Alliance lures poorer countries’ governments withsubsidized vaccines when new vaccines are put out in the market. Once the vaccination catches up they naturally withdraw the subsidy making the governments pay through their nose to the greedy drug firms pushing that country deeper into the debt trap! Single dose rotavirus vaccine costs double digit dollars to buy in the regular market!
Corporate business thrives on profit as per the dictates of Bernard Mandeville, Adam Smith’s teacher, who propounded the theory that “corporate business should concentrate only on profit irrespective of consequences.” As long as pharma companies make moneyconsequences are not their problem! Now comes the bogey of rotavirus vaccine for childhood diarrhoea in India. Thank God, the British Medical Journal, surprisingly, commissioned two Indian researchers, Jacob Puliyal and Joseph Mathew, to give their opinion on this new virus vaccine. Their paper is now published in that journal. I strongly appeal to all our doctors that have anything to do with vaccinations to read that article. One has also to read the opposing view in the same journal to know how we sell our ideas to the readers!
Rotavirus diarrhoea does not kill, bacterial diarrhoeas could kill. Even the deadly cholera could be controlled if we could keep up the hydration in the patient for long enough for the germ to get out of the system! In the west now adult bacterial diarrhoeas caused by such simple non-virulent strains like Clostridium deficile cannot be controlled by the most powerful antibiotics or vaccines and the patients die unless they are given clean SHIT from a healthy donor through the Ryle’s tube into the patients gut, nicknamed a faecal transplant. This effective treatment was in vogue in veterinary science since the 1700s.

The very foundation of the vaccination protection hypothesis has been now scientifically seriously questioned. An Australian worker, in his PhD thesis, has debunked the statistical science of vaccination success. If one has to have real immunity against any disease one must have that disease and survive. Provoking antibodies and measuring their levels in blood after vaccination is not synonymous with disease protection.


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