Semmelweis effect and the Andrew Wakefield story

Semmelweis effect and the Andrew Wakefield story

Quite a few have pointed out the similarity between the story of Semmelweis and the Wakefield case. The Semmelweis Effect is well known in the research world and comes to the fore when the established disciplines encounter new ideas. It is often fought bitterly against the newly acquired knowledge.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a trained physician, gastroenterologist and medical researcher. By 2007 he had published about 140 original medical papers. In the 1990s he and his colleagues discovered a possible association between autism and MMR vaccine:
In the following lecture Wakefield explains detailed on his research and what he has stated according to his findings:
The possible association between autism and MMR vaccination has alternately been hidden in the dark – met with strong opposition in medical circles. The need to discredit Wakefield has been enormous. These days a lawsuit is being prepared to clear him as a physician and researcher. His colleague John Walker-Smith was recently acquitted in court in relation to their joint research on autism and MMR:
Professor John Walker-Smith who carried out research in to the MMR Vaccine with Dr Andrew Wakefield, has won a court battle agaist being Struck off the medical register.
Ignaz Semmelweis
It is by no means a new phenomenon in medicine when we see that critical voices are met with resistance out of the bill. The situation was similar for Ignaz Semmelweis when he discovered the connection between childbed fever and lack of hygiene among doctors. Establishment considered it an insult that physicians should be encouraged to wash hands between delivering babies and autopsies. The consequences were fatal for postpartum women and infants. Semmelweis was unfortunately not recognized for his discovery until after his death.
Religious undertones and blind faith
Much evidence suggests that medicine and medical profession is still divinely elevated like in Semmelweis time. For a lot of people, it is inconceivable that drugs can damage in a more systematic sense. Religious faith about vaccination and its exclusively beneficial effect is often seen, unfortunately this ignorance displaces healthy science. There are strong indications that vaccines have a greater potential for adverse effects than previously thought.
Research finds possible link between autism and MMR:
Dr Wakefield’s research has been questioned. His research team discovered in the late 90`s a possible relationship between autism and MMR vaccine. Through several studies they showed that inflammation in the intestinal wall of autistic children could be related. It was also found viruses from the vaccine strain in the children’s intestinal walls and surrounding lymphoid tissues. The symptoms of inflammation in the gut and autism coincided in time with MMR vaccination. The children showed a combination symptomatology between gut inflammation and severe neurological disease in the form of symptoms like loss of language, general regression, head banging etc. The studies of Dr Wakefield et al have been replicated by other researchers,  the list of research that makes corresponding and similar findings is long:
Association between MMR and autism also seen in epidemiological studies:
Epidemiologic research also that tells us about the possible link between autism and MMR in large epidemiological studies:
“Trends in prevalence data in Denmark
suggest a temporal association Between the
introduction of MMR Vaccine and the rise
in autism. Because thimerosal was not used
in any Pediatric Vaccine in Denmark since
1992 and the Greatest Increase in autism
prevalence Followed That year, it is Likely
That one or more of the viral components or
Their Combination in the MMR Vaccine
Contributed to the reported increase item. “
The study conducted by Goldman and Yazbak (2004) is a revised version of the Danish autism study to Poul Thorsen. Thorsen said there was no connection even though the data clearly indicated otherwise. Later Thorsen has been accused of fraud:
“ATLANTA, GA – Poul Thorsen, 49, of Denmark, HAS BEEN indicted by a federal grand jury Wed charges of wire fraud and money laundering based on a scheme two steal grant money the CDC had Awarded two governmental agencies in Denmark for autism research. ”
The process against Wakefield:
It is not only Thorsen practices which may be questioned. The journalist Brian Deer has been a key figure in the process towards Wakefield, a journalist with no expertise either in medicine or research. Deer has repeatedly exhibited a lack of understanding in dealing with Wakefield’s research. Besides the gross misinterpretations and confusion of the cases he has visited Wakefield’s patients under a false name:
“It has been Revealed in a letter to THE SUNDAY TIMES That Brian Deer lied to a parent WHOSE child was in The Lancet case series in order two Obtain information from here about this child and his health records. Mr. Deer “Entered home here under a false
name “and” claimed to be a health Correspondent of THE SUNDAY TIMES. “Mr. Deer was not on the staff of THE SUNDAY TIMES.”
This document outlines facts about Dr Wakefield research, and refutes Brian Deere false claims.
Wakefield goes to court against the BMJ:
Recently it was announced that Dr Andrew Wakefield is preparing a lawsuit against the BMJ:
“Andrew Wakefield the doctor who was Struck off the medical register after triggering a health Scare linking autism to the MMR Vaccine, is suing the editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal for Defamation.”
Dr Wakefield’s case is strong after his colleague Walker-Smith recently won in court. We should not forget the huge parent organizations that is backing him. These are parents who have seen their children’s lives be ruined after a vaccination. It is unlikely that this alliance will give up before all aspects are cleared. While we wait, autism numbers continue to increase and more and more children develop neurological disorders and diseases.
It may also be mentioned that the same industry that is trying to discredit Dr Wakefield presents a rather inaccurate picture of the traditional children’s diseases as far more dangerous than they really are.
While Dr Wakefield’s battle takes place, it may make sense to think of Semmelweis work and the consequences of his observations despite the violent opposition of his time and colleagues.
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