Links to free homeopathy e-books

These are all thanks to a great homeopathy lover!
I will share my list of book links I have gathered over time!
Demystifying Homeopathy (also AudioBook):
Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, 1st Edition
The two links that you posted for Hpathy e-library were old and broken. I have replaced them with the correct link.
And you can include
Some more books which can be read online
download clarke’s/allen’s book
Some Homeopathic eBooks here are great!
Another link (I think I forgot this one!) – many are repeats:
Another Index for Online Homeopathic Free eBooks:
Another link to share online books (can we have too many?) Thanks Gina Tyler!
Download a Free Basic Homeopathy eBook, and a Free Homeopathy eBook for Pregnancy needs (and even check out the Free eCourse):
More PDF and web-browser downloadable Homeopathic eBooks:
I found some rather obscure free homeopathy eBooks here:
Also check out:
(This is a link to January 2011 Archives – also check February 2011 since a couple more are available there)
Here is a nice guide for clients and beginning homeopaths!
The author of also has a free eBook online, More than a Cure:
(See “Documents” tab here for MS Word “docx” download version)
Applicable, I think! ;-) Sankaran’s “Homeopathy for Today’s World” on ScribD:
This is apparently considered a “Must Read” for understanding the Disease Process. I found this on the Homeopathy group at LinkedIn:
“Disease and the Social System” by Arthur Guirdham (1942)
Free eBook Download:
I found a VERY interesting eBook online, Project NaHinga:
And for those realizing the Organon is “the” thing to study, this is a great outline online!