Homeopathy vs Allopathy.

Homeopathy vs Allopathy.

Dear Dr MS,
I should thank you that you have taken time to read my letter and answer it. However you have not deviated from your reductionist view of disease. This remains the greatest stumbling block in the efforts of modern day doctors in understanding and appreciating the views of holistic therapies.
You say that holistic therapies do not show any results. You say that the public is more attracted towards modern medicine and have rejected the holistic sciences. I do not know from where you get this impression. The growing trend is that people are now moving towards holistic therapies, naturopathy, yoga, accupressure and energy medicine in hordes. In fact this movement is forcing the big hospitals to dabble in these therapies to retain the patients and also to maintain their profits.
Our tirade against modern medicine is not because we want more people to switch over but to save people from regressing from acute curable illnesses to chronic autoimmune disorders. You have yourself stated, "In early 20th century, infectious disease were rampant due to our inability to stop them. When we reduced the incidence of infectitious disease disease, Vascular disease became common. Now
that we are controlling this, neoplastic diseases are becoming more common."
You say that homeopaths are impervious to this change. This is not the case because though disease names have changed and the disease has gone to the next stage, the underlying miasm remains the same. As the homeopaths apply their miasmatic approach, neoplastic diseases will go back to their vascular origin and then the original acute infection will surface which, when cured by using homeopathic principles, will rid the person of disease. This is the within-outward motion of disease as discovered and recorded by Hahnemann.
You should thus agree that if we can pursuade people to take recourse to holistic therapies at the acute stage then they need not regress into vascular or neoplastic diseases.
Just as the common people do not understand the theories behind allopathy, despite being taught from primary school onwards, they also do not generally know about the principles behind homeopathy, ayurveda and energy medicine. They will simply go to the nearest doctor available. The fact that the bills of allopaths are reimbursed by employers and insurance companies without much questioning, and that the government backs allopathic medicine, make people flock to allopaths.
The allopaths also promise them a cure by the way of popping a pill without telling them that suppressing the disease will not make it go away but simply morph into other areas. As you say. "Syphilis occurs in 3 stages-primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary stage presents as a chancre which with or without treatment heals in 2 weeks. If untreated, secondary syphilis occurs several months later with diffuse skin eruptions. That goes away after a few weeks with or without treatement. If untreated, Syphilis comes back many years later as tertiary syphilis, which can manifest as Gumma - ulcers, Aortic aneurysms or neurosyphilis."
By saying this you have infact corraborated the syphillitic miasm of Hahnemann where he has dealt with exactly this morphing from primary to secondary to tertiary. To you the disease names change but to a homeopath, the underlying syphillitic miasm remains the same, progressing from the primary to secondary to tertiary. On being homeopathically treated the disease will reverse gear from tertiary to secondary and then the primary chancre will show up once again, and when homeopathically treated, the syphillitic miasm itself will disappear.
Now do you tell all this to your patients? Syphillis when treated by your methods has a very damaging effect on the body-mind-emotion complex called man. Do you think syphillis only affects the body and organs? No, syphillis effects the mind also. Most cases of insanity and depraved behaviour can be attributed to the mismanaged original chancre. Thus allopathy is directly behind the rising crime graph and rising cases of psychological disorders all over the world. Similarly for gonorrhoea which when mismanaged develops into the miasmatic state called sycosis. These disease states are not only herditory but also spread through sharing injection needles and through the use of serum based medicines and vaccinations and also through blood transfusions.
Homeopathic treatment not only cures the body but also the mind and emotions thus leading Hahnemann to declare, "The physicians only duty to heal the sick, to cure as it is termed, with a view to restoring the individual to his original state of being as prior to infestation of the disease state from which he suffers". A tall order for you allopaths to follow.
Homeopathy is today the second most popular healing system in the world. If we go by your statement that homeopathy cannot cure illnesses, then this would not be the case. The homeopaths, and also other holistic healers, should be lauded because they tackle patients who come to them after being discarded by the allopaths, to try holistic therapies as a last resort. Had they come during the original acute illnesses then they would have been saved a lot of pain and saved a lot of money too.
The holistic therapies continue to be neglected. In India the government allots less than 1% of the health budget to each of these therapies. The funds allotted too are not properly released. The holistic hospitals and colleges lack the most basic amenities, the courses are designed to reflect reductionism by the medical council of India. Thus the students have to complete their courses and then again relearn their subjects to have knowledge about the classical and pure aspect of their sciences. And then they find that their medicine chest has been depleted by deforestation and the patients accustomed to the "instant cure" promises of the allopaths.
They also find that the natural disease state is no longer to be found, mixed as they are by the side effects of chemical medicines and deformed by a suppressive mode of treatment. To discern the original disease state from among the mixed symptoms and recovering it from the maize of chemical effects imposed thereupon is itself a stupendous task delaying both recovery and testing the patients patience. Truly allopathy is a curse on mankind and the greatest stumbling block in the way to recovery of a diseased humanity.
If the holistic practitioners can battle all this and yet show results it does prove that there is something in these sciences which merit study and encouragement so that the public can get treated in the true sense of the term and not wallow in misery as is their fate now.
To know of toxins and their nature you have to study toxicology. While you people depend only on the body and on how to chemicalise it with your harmful medicines, you have totally forgotten that curing disease is not only about killing bacteria and viruses, but is better effected by raising the natural immunity of the body through nutrition, exercise, natural exposure to the elements and spiritual exercises like prayer, ethics and meditation. Therefore I always stress that the doctors should have an all round education comprising modern medicine and also holistic therapies, energy medicine and a spiritual education. This will render them less harmful and may also reform them when they realise how badly their mode of treatment is hurting their patients.
It reflects on the incomplete nature of your education when you say that you have not read the classical authors of allopathy like Antoine Beuchamp who declared that bacteria or germs could not exist without a fertile ground. But the homeopaths are taught about this "fertile ground". They know that flies and maggots appear when the garbage rots, and that it does not benefit by killing the flies and maggots without making arrangements to clear the garbage in the first place.
Dear Dr MS,

I do not understand how I have insulted you. I have always maintained that the
patients today feel that their voice is not being heard by the medical
community. They also feel that they are not being relieved of their ailments by
the system of treatment which has the monopoly in the world today and is backed
by governments and the industry, often by the use of force and legislations.
They also feel that the doctors attention has shifted from the patients to other

These complaints are not a secret but are known to all who are associated with
the medical industry either as sellers or as end users, and all over the world.
The real cause of concern is that despite voices being raised, the medical
industry is not responding, let alone acting to redress the grievances.

My job is not to prescribe medicines. Then I become a part of the system, and
therefore become immune to the macro situation. My job as an activist is to act
as a media between the patients and the doctors. I have my own place despite the
tendency to cow me down by addressing me as "a common journalist" or an
"unqualified person".

The treatment of eczema what we are discussing here is an issue which is quite
old. While the holistic healers say that eczema is connected both with the
immune system as well as the central nervous system, the allopaths say it is a
localised problem.

You must have read reports in scientific journals that the use of certain
steroidal ointments for eczema and acne are leading to cancer and other
autoimmune disorders. However holistic healers know that external and allopathic
treatments of eczema, acne and psoriasis lead to internal disorders. Therefore
here actually the system of treatment is at fault more than the medicines.

Similarly all holistic healers know that rheumatism if interfered with
allopathically, affects the heart. This too has been borne out by the fact that
drugs for pain relief in acute arthritis have led to heart ailments and heart

Thus, what we are trying to emphasize, is that there are certain forces both
of the body and the disease that have been encapsuled in ayurvedic, unani,
homeopathic, chinese and tibetan medicine texts. The modern doctors are doing a
grave mistake by disregarding the knowledge contained within these texts.

If you feel that by asking your profession to augment your knowledge by
studying and testing these texts I am insulting you then it is your problem. I
am not a fault because as an end user I have every right to advice and demand a
better service.

If you are so interested in your patients and sincerely wish to heal them then
I feel you can do your job better by expanding your knowledge. After all it is
the patients life which is at stake and not the doctor's.


Dear Dr MS,

I think this is a misstatement. The ayurveds and homeopaths do not usually make any claims. Most of them wish to remain out of the allopathy vs their science controversy and work in private. In the ayurveda and homeopathy groups the doctors often berate me for taking on the allopaths. They feel such a confrontation is not necessary.
I too agree with them but I feel the public should be educated about the basis of the holistic therapies and the false claims of the allopaths must be countered. I do receive mails from readers who say they were not aware of the philosophy behind the wholistic therapies.
Regarding Dr ___' statement that implies that allopathy is fully standardised, that it diagnoses illnesses on the spot and that all doctores would give the same medicine for the same named condition, I think is an exaggeration. I can walk into ten clinics with a condition and can receive ten types of advice and prescription.
I do not blame them but though their method is very rational and objective on paper, the main component, the doctors, are human and each human being is different and therefore would have an entirely different perception about what is right and wrong. A human being cannot really be a fully rational being as the irrational intutuitive or subconscious/superconscious  condition in him is equally strong. The doctors go by their own experiences and therefore would resort to different prescriptions.
For the common cold, for example, some doctors would prescribe antibiotics, paracetamol or other pain killers, something for the headache, something to stop the flowing nose etc. Some one else would give Vitamin C, some other vitamins, a vix rub and advise inhaling hot vapours. While another doctor could simply advise the patient to take full rest, plenty of water and wait out the condition.
Asthma is known in ayurveda as Dama. It comes under swasa roga classification. I am not surprised that Dr ___ is unaware of this as he is not an ayurved. The asthma preparation of ayurveds varies as per the particular dosha disturbance in the patient and the symptoms. So for the homeopaths, as each patient is different.
There may be dry spasms with a whining sound, rattling in the chest without expectoration, copious flow accompanied by hay fever like symptoms, extreme weakness, gasping for air. The attack may be induced by dust, by changes in weather, by a humid climate, by working or getting soaked in water, by getting exposed to cold air or winter, or by strong emotions, by changes in diet, due to digestive disturbances, gas in stomach.
The patient may crave open air, may like to remain in a closed room, may require a blanket cover even as the fan is on. The person may find relief while in a supine position, seated, or propped up by pillows, or by walking across the room. The attack may come on in the day time, evening, mid night or after sleep, in the morning hours. The person may like another person to be by his side, or he may prefer to be alone. He may be crying, complaining or cursing others around him.
The person may have vata dosha or kapha dosha mixed with vata. There may even be a pitta derangement. As per the homeopaths there may be only the psoric miasm or psora mixed with a sycotic element and even a syphillitic symptom or two.
After evaluating all the above the medicine is selected. The prescription would depend upon the symptoms that can be collected. Often the first prescription is given to reduce the severity of the attack and then all the details collected before going in to treat the chronic condition. Often a medicine to tackle the acute condition when it comes up is informed. Along with medicines dietic advice is given. Yogic and pranayama exercises are recommended. The exciting factor is determined and the patient is asked to refrain till his immune system is strong enough to defend itself. The patient is adviced to take light food as dinner and much before his hour of sleep, preferably before sunset. Curd, cold items, items from the fridge (even after warming) are forbidden. Gas producing food is forbidden.
At the end of treatment the patient should be relieved of all his symptoms. The exciting factor should no longer be a threat. The mental fears and aberrations should be relieved. THE PATIENT SHOULD HIMSELF ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HE HAS BEEN CURED OF THE CONDITION. If this declaration is not forthcoming the practitioner will rexamine the case, even if the asthma has been relieved, to trace out the root and eliminate the condition in its entirety. Mostly the inherent tubercular condition presents itself at the end.
In the above case the allopaths would give an antiallergic, antispasmodic, steroid injections, oxygen, an inhaler, and medicines to aid sleep. All these are useful in an acute attack but these do not address the chronic condition and cannot cure the patient. The patient gets addicted to the drugs, requires more and more of them, the condition may deterriorate as the vital force weakens, the patient looses his confidence, develops panic and fear, can develop cardiac and gastric troubles, and life could become a hell till death comes to permanently relieve.
I am talking of real asthma here, not those induced by mismanaged cold by the use of antibiotics proceeding from a common cold, bronchitis, a pneumonia attack and ultimately turning into a condition resembling asthma (Here too inherent tuberculosis is the exciting factor,if it is not entirely medicine induced) . There is also vaccine induced asthma. These require detoxification and again miasmatic/dosha based treatment.