Disturbing. Satanic Messages in Britain Olympics


By Paul McGuire
August 21, 2012
During the recent Olympics in Great Britain, the Illuminati communicated, through Satanic rituals and symbols, an occult message to a global audience. According to Nielsen Media Research, 4.7 billion viewers worldwide (approximately 70% of the global population) viewed it. Although, the vast majority of the audience did not consciously understand the symbols and rituals, many sensed something ominous, disturbing and dark. Once people are informed as to what the symbolism and rituals were all about, they were both scared and horrified that these powerful and elite groups exist and the dark plans they have for mankind.
A growing number of people are starting to understand that there is a Satanic and global secretive global elite who are in control of global finance, culture, science and politics. The door to this higher level understanding can begin with something as simple as explaining who the Illuminati are and their symbolism on the back of the U.S. dollar. The occult pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Lucifer which has the actual words “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which means New Order of the Ages, or New World Order. The light bulb goes on and they begin to see through the doorway of ever increasing understanding. People seem to sense that the global financial system is being manipulated. Due to the internet, millions of people are beginning to understand the relationship between the Illuminati and the international banking families who control the Federal Reserve.

However, despite these positive trends, the majority of Americans are in a mass hypnotic state. They have been brainwashed and live in a level of unconsciousness, completely unaware of what is really going on. One of the primary evidences that an individual is brainwashed is that no matter how logical an argument is and how many facts you bring up, they completely reject it, often react with anger and attack you as a conspiracy theorist, which is what they have been programmed to do.

Starting in the late 1800s, the Illuminati developed highly sophisticated brainwashing and occult-based mind control sciences which enabled them to control the thinking of much of the world and even entire nations. Fabian socialists, and very possibly agents of British intelligence like Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells and George Orwell, all wrote science fiction novels tha predict a future where all citizens are controlled by scientific brainwashing.

Interestingly, the Tavistock Institute in Great Britain developed the science of mind control, with the help of Sigmund Freud and other scientists. These methodologies of mind control spread to the most elite universities and think tanks, to be used in the U.S. Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich, which was heavily involved in Satanism and the occult, developed the brutal, but effective, trauma-based mind control, that used powerful drugs, torture, sexual abuse and Satanic rituals to program people. After World War II, the U.S. brought in nine thousand of Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip, who specialized in rocket science and mind control science. Today, the average person has no idea how advanced the science of mind control has become.

The great secret is that the Nazi scientists brought with them their occult and Satanist beliefs and that the science of mind control and Satanic rituals often go hand in hand. This science of occult-based mind control has been used to break down the family unit, promote sexual immorality, destroy the Christian belief system and patriotism and establish a new occult and Luciferian religious system. The counter culture of the 1960s, the sexual revolution, the feminist movement, the use of drugs and the mass acceptance of New Age and occult religions did not happen spontaneously! The British music invasion of the 1960s-1970s with their records, radio, promotion of drugs, so-called free sex, the occult and eastern mystical religions, was a planned psychological warfare operation. It was not an accident that the clean-cut Beatles evolved into a vehicle for promoting drugs, sex, anarchy and the occult. It was not an accident that there are numerous occult messages in their albums, or that the picture of Aleister Crowley, the world famous and influential Satanist, who called himself the Beast 666, has his picture on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Satanism and the occult are all over the albums and the rock groups. These include the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, whose lead singer was a follower of Aliester Crowley and now lives in Crowley’s former mansion. Dr. Timothy Leary, who promoted LSD to millions, claimed to be the new Aliester Crowley.

The blatant occult symbols used in the Olympics in Great Britain this past week sent out the message that the elite (and that means the financial elite inside the City of London, which is a city within a city, like the Vatican City in Rome) are now tightening the noose on America by deliberately destroying the dollar and the net worth of the American middle class, as they are in Europe and other nations of the world, in order to usher in the one world economic system, one world government and one world religion the global elites have been planning for centuries. Ironically, all of this was predicted by the prophet Daniel, the Apostle Paul, Jesus Christ and the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation.

Many people dismiss these occult rituals as ignorant, meaningless and merely superstitious rituals. That is a very dangerous misconception! True Satanic and occult rituals, that go back before the Flood and were heavily practiced in Canaan and in Babylon, open portals into other dimensions which allow the access of the Kosmokratos or world rulers, who existed before the Flood of Noah and were reunited under the leadership of Nimrod during the time of the Tower of Babel to have powerful influences over world events. The Tower of Babel was a highly advanced technological instrument that acted as a star gate which opened portals into another dimension. The symbols from the Tower of Babel are peppered all over the EU and are in reflected in the architecture and symbols of Washington D.C. These same symbols were heavily employed at the Olympics and its opening and closing ceremonies, in particular.

The purpose of the true church, regardless of denomination, is to host the Restrainer, the Holy Spirit and restrain evil and the spirit of antichrist from taking control of a nation. This did not happen in Nazi Germany in the 1930s because the church was compromised by false doctrine promoted by the German schools of higher criticism, which taught pastors that there was nothing miraculous in the Bible. This teaching made the church powerless, as any false doctrine always does. Yet, at the same time, the secret occult societies were teaching people that their rituals can produce all kinds of supernatural power. Today, the Church in America, Great Britain, the EU and other nations, is replicating what happened to the church in Nazi Germany. They are substituting the supernatural power of God with humanistic and psychological motivation sermons, which are powerless against the supernatural forces of the occult!

The economic conditions in America and Europe today are also very similar to what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The church has been seduced by psychological humanism, which severs its access to the supernatural power of God. In addition, we see the pattern of collective denial in motion, with people essentially saying, “It can’t happen here.” History shows us the timeline in Nazi Germany and where this process will lead to. The lesson from history and the Bible is that when the church and its people have no clear sense of right and wrong and do not occupy spiritually, occult powers will take over a society and culture. Occult powers are satanic and historically they lead to specific things happening.
When powerful symbols of the occult and satanic worship are openly displayed before hundreds of millions of people, it is a spiritual indicator, or warning of what is to come.
The “sons of God,” referred to in Genesis Chapter 6, established a highly advanced, occult-based civilization before the Flood. The legends of Atlantis, Thule and Hyperborea, along with the monolithic ruins of Babylon, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, Mayan and Incan ruins, Stonehenge, Titicaca and countless other archeological evidences above and now under the water, testify to the existence of civilizations so advanced, that they must have had access to information from another dimension beyond this world. [In addition, this super race of god-men referred to as the “sons of God,” in Genesis 6, who mated with the daughters of men, have interbred genetically with the human race. They are known as the B’nai Elohim, who produced the Nephilim. They are referred to with such names as the Sumerian gods, the giants of old, the Anakim, aliens and are described in the legends of countless cultures. A common theme is repeated over and over again, with minor changes in names. The ancient civilizations all refer to a super race of god-men. The legends of the god-men are found in the Nordic, Atlantean, Babylonian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, Incan, Native American Indian and other civilizations. The legends share come common themes, in that they claim that this race of supermen, or gods, came from the stars and possessed higher forms of intelligence and technology. In reality, these are the principalities and powers referred to in the Bible in Ephesians 6:12-19 which operate in another dimension.

It is possible that there are bloodline families that originated from Sumeria, Babylon, Canaan and Egypt. If that is the case, they would be the genetic descendants of an ancient priest class that is known as “Mystery Babylon.” The primary occult symbol of the Olympics would be the lighted torch, or the flame of illumination, which is the ancient symbol of the Illuminati. Some historians believe that the population of planet earth exceeded over 7 billion people before the Flood of Noah.

When you read the account of the Noah, the Ark and Flood from a modern scientific perspective, it is very obvious that this is a story about maintaining a specific genetic line and DNA. The God of the Bible is literally wiping out the DNA of mankind and the animals, with the exception of a limited number of people and animals who apparently had DNA that was not spiritually corrupted.

This interpretation would explain why God wiped out almost everything alive in the Flood. It also gives meaning to the words of Jesus Christ when He said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will in the days of the coming of the son of man.” What Jesus Christ is saying is that in addition to the world being wicked and violent, the time period immediately preceding His return would see a marked increase in the number and level of Nephilim produced through interspecies breeding. The Rockefeller Foundation in the 1920s experimented with the science of eugenics and attempted to promote the abortion of people groups that they perceived as having inferior DNA and breed a master race. This was what Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and abortion is really all about.

Hitler believed that the super race was to come from the blonde haired and blue eyed Nordic races, that he believed were the genetic descendants of the race of god-men who came from the stars and settled in the legendary island of Thule and an underground civilization near the south pole in Antarctica. The German philosopher Nietzsche promoted the concept of the ubermensch or superman. Hitler took all these ideas and mixed with his occult beliefs set out to breed a master race.

All the ancient occult mystery religions, which originated in ancient Babylon, seem to have passed on similar secret teachings of supernatural knowledge, power and advanced technology passed from one generation to the next within secret occult family bloodlines. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the advanced pre-Flood civilization of Atlantis and Sir Francis Bacon, a leader in the occult Rosicrucian society, believed that America was to become the New Atlantis and head of a New World Order. The powerful symbols In Washington D.C. seem to support that theory. The phallic symbol the Washington Monument, with the womb-like dome of the nation’s capitol, mirrors the phallic
Egyptian obelisk in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, with its dome-womb of St.Peter’s basilica. In America, it appears there was a great spiritual battle that was fought among our Founding Fathers, many of whom were Freemasons and almost all of whom were Christians. Today, the spiritual conflict between the Illuminati and the Remnant church, is now engaged in all-out spiritual warfare.

The occult-elite who rule our world, under the power of Lucifer, have sent out coded messages through the symbols that dominate America’s architecture, media, art, film, science and politics. For those who understand the teachings of Bible prophecy, those symbols of the mystery religions have now converged to give mankind a final warning of what is about to come and what our response should be.

For those who remain skeptical of the occult symbolism that clearly was a central theme of the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, consider the fact that the Olympics began with an orchestra playing a piece actually called, “Nimrod,” by Enigma Variations. Nimrod was the legendary ruler who built the Tower of Babel. Babel was the first one world and occult government that God judged! Why would the orchestra play a musical piece entitled, “Nimrod,” in light of the countless occult symbols at the Olympics that made reference to Babylon?

“Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.” -Revelation 17:5

Additionally at the Olympics, there was a green image of a British meadow with a tree that was raised on a hill. Was this the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden? Since the first two first two songs played appeared to be themed around Babylon and Jerusalem, is it possible that the green hill may have represented the tree of life and the ancient Tower of Babylon? In the Olympic ceremony, the ancient descendants of Babylon were walking down from the tree; they may have represented the elite behind the New World Order.

The Maypole dance at the Olympics is an ancient occult and pagan dance. It is based on a fertility rite in the worship of pagan gods. The Maypole represents the male principle (the phallus) and the ribbons represent the female principle, with the virgins of the goddess Isis. Isis is named after Semiramis, who was Nimrod’s wife. This goes back to ancient Babylon and the occult societies of Nazi Germany, who employed the Maypole dance with their youth to lure them into their occult practices and deceptions.

After the Olympic bell was rung, a song named “Jerusalem” was sung by a young boy before he was joined by a children’s choir.

“And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England’s mountains green? And was the holy Lamb of God on England’s pleasant pastures seen? And did the countenance divine shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalembuilded here among these dark Satanic Mills?

The children’s choir continued to sing as a man read from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”
Professor James Shapiro, an English professor at Columbia University, commented, “Why you would someone choose Caliban’s lines as — in a sense — a kind of anthem for the Olympics?, I’m not sure. Why give him the lines Shakespeare wrote for a half-man, half-beast?” This is an honest intellectual question from a secular professor.

Is it possible that the beast-man that was seen at the Olympics symbolized the revival of interspecies breeding that is going on in laboratories between alien, animal and human DNA? The central scientific thrust of our time involves Transhumanism or inter-species breeding. The genetic creation of a superman is what Rockefeller and Hitler were doing with the science of eugenics. Jesus Christ said, “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” Luke 17:26

Historians have noted the similarities between Shakespeare’s final work and the famous occultist Francis Bacon’s final book, “New Atlantis.” It was Francis Bacon who planned for America to be the “New Atlantis,” or the new Babylon, where a world ruler in the tradition of Nimrod would arise to establish a New World Order emanating from Washington D.C.
William Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest” and Bacon’s, "New Atlantis," predict societies that are ruled by an elite, or are made gods through secret and occult knowledge! This finds its roots all the way back in Nimrod and ancient Babylon.

The global occult message sent out from the Olympics in Great Britain, is in actuality, a declaration of war against those of us of humanity who will not worship Lucifer. This is the final showdown in mankind’s history. No matter what your religious beliefs, you are going to have to choose sides. Are you going to worship Lucifer in the rising Babylonian system or worship what is good and of God?

There is no middle ground; this is precisely what is going on behind the scenes at every level of conflict in our world. I would like to challenge you to learn what you can about the nature of this conflict from credible sources. Then you must make your choice, I am speaking in a spiritual sense, within the constraints of abiding to the law and peaceful change. But you must realize that you will either choose to join the armies of the light or the armies of the dark. Depending upon your choice, you will know what to do. There are a lot of men and women, who have deceived themselves into thinking they can conduct themselves in one way and still remain, part of the armies of the light.
Do not be deceived, the God of light is not mocked; you will reap what you sow. Do not mistake the patience of the personal living God of the universe as powerlessness or impotence. Time is quickly running out and every man will be known by his actions, not by his mere words! There will be a point in time that will come suddenly and without notice, when the unlimited force of God will completely take over this world system. It does not matter what you profess with your mouth, your denomination, or if you have some kind of church affiliation. All such affiliations will mean absolutely nothing to God!
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Millions of people have deceived themselves. The personal living God of the universe will know exactly who or what you are really serving by what is in your heart and the evidence of your actions. We live in a temporary time period, when people are in such spiritual deception, that they think they will not be accountable. If you are wise, you should tremble at the thought of what I am talking about. Remember you have been warned that suddenly without any notice you will be seized as if by a violent force. The very dimensional nature of reality will change in an instant and what you really are will be made evident. Then, whether you like it or not, many will experience a violent transition from one dimension or another and you will serve your master, whoever you chose that to be, forever! A sane man should tremble at those words because of what they imply. However, depending upon the choices you have made, you have nothing to fear. There should be a great hope and promise of the future!

Hope to see you there!

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