What is AIDS then?

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From our childhood days we have been led to understand that germs and viruses cause disease. This theory has become so ingrained in us that any opposition to this presumption, even by recognised scientists and doctors such as the author of "Why I Quit HIV", puzzles us beyond measure.
Disease is a result of going against natural laws, physical, moral or spiritual. At first the body rebels with symptoms of fever, colds, diarrhoea, dysentery,skin eruptions etc. as an attempt is made to throw the resultant toxins out enabling the body to breathe easier (this is today recognised as lymphatic drainage). But repeated meddling with these symptoms and trying to cut short the obvious discomfort by employing unnatural means (suppressive medication) makes the body ultimately give up and adjust to the new condition, thus resulting in chronic and hereditory disorders. As simple as that.
Now about the mind. It is rightly said that the mind is the root cause of disease. The will to transgress natural laws, at any level, occurs in the mind. This may be due to compulsion, situation, ignorance, or mental vices like greed, jealousy etc. Thus the need for a hygenic, moral and spiritual education has been felt by every civillisation (except ours of course) so that the mind was trained to behave properly and strive to rise above animal propensities.
Our non-civillisation, pepped up by technology and what prevails in the name of science, desparately sought ways and means to discredit the moral and spiritual base of disease so that the grip of religion on the society could be done away with. According to the new dispension disease definitely was not the wages of sin. There was no sin. Man, as the master of the universe, was not supposed to worry about such frivolities as sin. Fierce individual freedom and the breaking down of all shackles, even obligation to the family and social structure, is the aim that we all endorse today.
The germ theory, Freud's analysis of the psyche, and Darwins theory of evolution, highlighting the base animal nature of the erstwhile spiritual man became the perfect launching pad for this new movement.
However the germ theory was contested by Antoine Beauchamp, and many others after him, Freud by Carl Jung and eastern philosophers, and Darwin by the intelligent design theory and the Church. All these opposite views are routinely derided  to keep the present faulty paradigms alive and kicking. The hidden fear of religion again rearing its head also nags those who blindly support the faulty theories.
Now let us come to the theory of AIDS. As per discerning scientists, AIDS is a disease state (as opposed to a viral attack) of the body that is a form of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis too is a disease state, and not caused by the tubercular bacillus, which really occurs to eat away the diseased tissue acting as the scavenger. This can be easily discerned by observing a patient who is "cured" by antibiotics and other drugs. The patient really never fully recovers and remains susceptible to various illnesses.
Today a large portion of the population of the globe suffers from incipient tuberculosis. The susceptibility to colds and coughs, regular coming down with flu like symptoms, inability of the body to assimilate the proper nutrition, inability to ward off common ailments, various digestive disorders resulting in chronic diarrhoea and dysentery, caries of the teeth, bone decay, anger directed towards family members, unexplainable physical weakness forcing one to try out various tonics and supplements, resorting to drugs,intoxicants, tobacco, and wandering from doctor to doctor seeking relief, a never satisfied feeling, mood swings, depression coming on in the evening hours, sluggishness and feeling unrefreshed upon getting up in the morning, inordinate desire to love and be loved, compulsion to watch pornography, being haunted by lascivious thoughts, weakness and irritation after the sexual act etc. are all symptoms of incipient tuberculosis.
AIDS is tuberculosis often accentuated by suppressed veneral diseases. When this disease state is further boosted by poverty or profligate living, drug abuse etc we get the complete picture of the state. The entire immune system just collapses unable to bear the overload.
What is the HIV? Frankly speaking no one knows. There is a reward for anyone who can trace and display this virus. The drawings that we see depicting this virus are artists imaginations running wild. The scientific community tries to hide its discomfiture by declaring that the virus is "elusive" and "constantly morphing". In general viruses are anything but the scary invaders they are made out to be. Genetic engineers have discovered that viruses are mechanical (and not live) entities which are carriers of genetic information. The information is encased in a protein or fat cover which disintegrates as soon as the job is over. Except for some viruses external to the system, all other viruses are vital for the body in maintaining itself.  Even the "dangerous" viruses can affect the system only if the immune system is weak.
The HIV theory is well on its way out as more and more doctors and scientists are questioning it, as also investigating journalists. When this theory is finally trashed there will emerge the need for a new way of healing. Today it is more than obvious that a return to a healthy lifestyle, exercise, proper nourishment, compassionate care, healthy and pollution free environment, spiritual training and a holistic system of treatment is the answer to AIDS. Not the horrendous toxins called ART that are routinely administered to the hapless patients destroying their livers, kidneys, their will to live, and ultimately their lives in the process.
Let us hope that through the debunking of the HIV theory, some sort of soul searching will commence within the medical community. I do not believe that 100% of the modern medicos are profit seekers. There are many among them who sincerely wish to heal their patients. They are hampered by their training and the dangers involved in going against "popular" concepts.
However the medical industry, and those who benefit from it, will vehemently oppose this move.
Replies to mails on the subject

Thanks. Most of the pictures are of cells infected by HIV. One is of a cell producing HIV. Viruses are rarely traced, what is traced is their after effects, that is "viruses WERE here". As far as I know there is yet no consensus on what is really the HIV.
The HIV=AIDS theory has failed the Koch test.Here are a few mails I have received on the subject;
Re: What is AIDS?(was) Why I quit HIV.

HIV is a virus.   HIV may or may not cause AIDS.  They who
claim AIDS causes HIV have never actually proved it, according to
Koch's postulates.   Koch's postulates is the gold standard.
1. The agent must be present in every case of the disease;
2. The agent must be isolated from the host and grown in a lab dish;
3. The disease must be reproduced when a pure culture of the agent is inoculated into a healthy susceptible host; and
4. The same agent must be recovered again from the experimentally infected host.
(Koch's Postulate quote above fromhttp://whyfiles.org/012mad_cow/7.html)
          In the past, when Koch's posulates have been ignored, as in
the case of Pellegra. Quote below about Pellegra is from
There was another disease that is a metabolic or chronic nature and
this is Pellagra. At one time it was so endemic in certain parts of
the world, particularly the American southwest, that there were entire  hospitals given to the treatment of Pellagrans.
The great Sir William Osler in his "Principles and Practices of
Medicine" written at the turn of this century said of Pellagra, "I was  at Lenoir, North Carolina during one winter and this winter I visited  the Lenoir home for the colored insane and there 75 percent of the  imnates died from the disease. It ran rampant through this institution  and convinced me beyond any doubt that pellagra is a virus that is infectious."
And then came the fine works of the United States Public Health Service Surgeon, Dr. Goldberger, who showed conclusively that the occurrence  of Pellagra was related with a deficiency of fresh green material in  the diet. So Dr. Goldberger approached this problem first by the use of Brewer's Yeast, which would completely prevent and cure pellagra.
Further studies then showed that the factor in Brewer's yeast that was most determinate of this effect was niacin, Vitamin B3.
              HIV could be an opportunistic infection which sometimes
sets in when the immune system is screwed up by AIDS.  AIDS could be
caused by HIV, and/or a number of other factors as well, and maybe HIV does not cause AIDS at all.   The government and pharmeceutical
industry are NOT spending money looking at causes of AIDS becauuse
they claim HIV causes AIDS, and they do so without substantial proof.
The fact that HIV cannot be found in some AIDS patients, and that HIV
is found in some people who never come down with AIDS indicate that
HIV causes AIDS is a rather simplistic assumption.
             AIDS is a syndrome, meaning a collection of symptoms,
which could well have different causes, rather than a disease with a
single causative agent.
Re: What is AIDS?(was) Why I quit HIV.

I've been researching this stuff for some time. Begin with
Peter Duesberg's "Inventing the AIDS Virus" and partner
that with "The Nazi Doctors" by Robert Jay Lifton. It will
open your eyes to why people don't appear sick at all until
they are "in treatment" and then why so many of them
rapidly die.
When you've read those two, I can give you another list
pages long.
For an intro, I highly recommend perusing
Read all of the articles carefully. Life will never again be the
And here is a mainstream Indian doctor questioning the HIV theory.
Is HIV the culprit?
It was enlightening to know that a team of Indian researchers are tracking genetic materials (MiRNA) with the potential to combat the dreaded disease — AIDS (The human-HIV truce, April 17). A group of scientists have been opposing the HIV-AIDS hypothesis ever since the announcement of the connection between AIDS and HIV virus. Peter Duesberg, a molecular biologist at the University of California, proposed that that HIV is just a passenger retrovirus and which has never been proven to be a sexually transmitted one. Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis and Walter Gilbert also support the views of Duesberg.
Dr S.K. Rudra
Sonamukhi, Bankura