Vital Organs Are Time Bound :The Organ Clock Theory.

Organ Clock TheoryTuesday June 20 2006 16:42 ISTDr Usharavi
In our daily routine, when our every act is time bound, did you know that our vital organs too are time bound..? The 12 organs in our body are owning 2 hours in a day according to the relevant time of the organ clock. In traditional Chinese medicine, diagnosis and the treatment are based on the dynamic theory of energy flow. This energy flow is continuous in our body in definite path. This vital energy is termed as ‘Qi’, which has three levels that is superficial, deep and intermediate. It is possible to cause changes in the body by influencing this Qi flow at the superficial level, which is called ‘Acupuncture Therapy’.

3 am to 5 am - Lungs
This organ clock theory in Acupuncture therapy is used to treat many complications for better results. The energy enters the lung (organ) channel at 3 am, when a day starts originally. 
Symptoms of particular organ is shown at that particular time, it is an alarm to the patient and good diagnosing point to an acupuncturist. Human body mechanism is a miracle and always it sticks to nature. The peak hour of each organ is 2 hours. The treatment according to the organ clock balances the vital energy flow in our body, so that lacking energy will gain by tonification of acupuncture points and stagnated energy is transferred by sedation of specific points. 
Of course, this theory surprises anyone at first sight, but seen deeply the practical biorhythmic activity can be identified. A day always starts at 3 am which is the time for lungs, the foremost organ. Ayurvedic physicians, siddhars, rishis, naturapaths at earlier times used to wake up at 3am, which is defined as ‘Brahmamuhuratha time’. Probably this time is good for breathing exercise, so that lung will gain more energy from universe and later travels continuously. 
Acupuncture theory adds more, by diagnosing the patients symptoms which shows severe for lung disorders. A single point in lung channel is stimulated at this time to cure the lung disorders. So, both for diagnosis and treatment, the organ clock helps extensively. People having this disorder will have a disturbed sleep, like cough, sneezing or nasal congestion at this time. 

5 am to 7 am -Large Intestine
Next to lung time is the large intestine i.e., from 5 to 7 am, when the bowl is emptied. Proper evacuation is needed, if failed, particularly large intestine points are needled to care the problem.

7 am to 9 am - Stomach 
Next time is for stomach organ i.e., 7 to 9 am, so that breakfast is taken. Moreover, ulcer, gastritis, acidity, loss of appetite, headache cares are treated with relevant acupuncture points in stomach organ time.

9 am to 11 am - Spleen
Again, the next organ is spleen, its time is 9 to 11 am. It is very special, hence the persons who feel very tired and sleepy is the indication of diabetic symptoms later in life. A snoring sleep at this time is not advisable. 

11 am to 1 pm - Heart
11 am to 1 pm,is a time where cardiac problems are targeted at this time. Usually cardiac patients sweat a lot and feel suffocation.

1pm to 3 pm -Small Intestine
1 to 3 pm is the time for small intestine, the organ for digestion, allergies, muscles, soft tissues, lips, mouth, genito-urinary disorders and general tonification. Symptoms of these problems may rise in this time. A complete digestion is supposed to be done to maintain the whole body health. Those who skip or don't fulfill the food intake, may suffer from insufficient food energy. 

3 pm to 5 pm - Urinary Bladder
The next organ in line is the urinary bladder, timing from 3 to 5 pm, which looks after spine, sense organs, internal organs, kidney and urinary bladder disorders. 

5 pm to 7 pm - Kidney 
The next is for the kidney organ 5 to 7pm, which can used for treating all chronic problems in our body. Apart from this, it is also a special time for treatment of kidney disorders and hair loss. 
Yes, cosmetic acupuncture is a boon to acupuncture. Patients who are suffering from Alopecia and Alopecia Areata have good results in cosmetic Acupuncture where kidney points are stimulated in this particular time. 

7 pm to 9 pm – Pericardium
Likewise 7 to 9 pm is for pericardium, where the psychiatric and cardiac patients are treated. 

9 pm to 11 pm - Endocrine System
And 9 to 11 pm., is the time which controls the endocrine system, reproductive organs and temperature in our body. Most of the infertility cases are treated in this time. 

11 pm to 1 am - Gallbladder
Next is 11 to 1 am gallbladder, the special organ for insomnia and muscular pain. At last 1 to 3am is for liver, the store room for our body. If this is distributed, the body is terribly tired, eyes burning and leads to total weakness. These patients can be treated to have good sleep. 

Again, the day starts, cyclic flow to complete the 24 hours for 12 organs. Man has to stick to nature for better living. Biological clocks govern every living thing, in motion, rest, sleep, chemical composition, excretion, regulation of tissue fluids, glands and organs. 
The circulation is repeated for every twenty four hours which is called as circadian rhythm.