The vaccine debate continues..

Dear Mr ___,
Thank you for the concerted effort on your part and Mr __ to derail me. While you think only of your child I tend to think about the broader concepts. You have managed to scare __ off, he writes to me only in a personal capacity now, and __, though she has let down the gauntlet for some time, it is not without reservations.
I do not exactly understand why the subject of vaccines irks your lot. Recently I have posted my mails on the Indian Academy of Paeditricians website and despite the fact that 215 doctors have read the mails, only one has replied in a very guarded manner. This fact itself is shocking and damning. Either they do not know what is in the vaccines or they do know and prefer to keep quiet. Both way they are guilty as hell.
Vaccines have NOT eradicated any disease. Statistics gathered and shown in a graph form by vaccine activists clearly show that by the time the vaccines were introduced, the diseases were clearly on the way out. These statistics and graphs have been sent to eminent doctors and health officials and they have no answer to the same. Therefore your view that you are doing a great good to your child by vaccinating him is false. I would rather take your childs side in this debate than yours because it is your child who will have to bear the burnt of the vaccines and not you.
Regarding clarifying Sri ____'s mails I have replied to him and then sent some mails to the group which dealt with the issues he had raised. Sri ____ has not raised the question again because he has purportedly understood. You have not because, as you yourself admit, you have skipped those mails.
As a US Govt Official probing the FDA and CDC on the vaccine issue has remarked, "It is not rocket science to calculate the total amount of heavy metals, carcinogens and toxins that are being pumped into children in the form of vaccines and know whether the levels are dangerous or not. It takes just ninth grade knowledge". I agree with him totally and wonder if ALL the vaccine supporters lack ninth grade knowledge.
As you have yourself admitted, only you and Mr __ are the ones opposing my mails and those of ___'s (two out of 412 isn't exactly democratic). Many group members have written to me that they forward my mails, which they say explains the concepts very clearly and without indulging in medical jargon, to their friends circle. I myself am a member of 236 groups to whom I target my mails. Till now only members intimately connected to the medical industry have opposed my mails.
Repetations are necessary. The medical industry has, for 200 years repeated the falsehood that vaccines have prevented epidemics, so we need to repeat the truth for at least half the period to get it into the thick head of people who still think vaccines are beneficial to their children.
The American parents have come together on the issue without dissent and without trying to hit the activists below the belt for their own selfish reasons, and we can very evidently see the results. The last vaccine victim was awarded $43.1 million by the court, and for damage caused by the MMR vaccine.
Please remember the MMR alone is not the culprit. The vaccines prior to it are in some way triggered to harm by the MMR. Had Dr Wakefield not been arrested and his research material seized the truth would have been out by now. But you know that the medical industry, which is aware that it has poisoned three generation of kids, will never allow the truth to come out. It is sad that even the parents of children with ASD, at least a miniscule portion of them, do not want the truth to surface. Probably they have relatives in the medical industry or are associated with it themselves, in some way or the other.
There are 1.74 million autistic children in our towns in India. There is no knowing how many are locked up in village homes. Many are not diagnosed because doctors are still not fully aware of the nature of Aspergers and Autism. If you have read the mail of Ms ___ detailing the symptoms of autism you will realise that EVERY child born today has two or more of the symptoms. Under these circumstances I cannot but generalise that ALL doctors are murderers. In fact I say it on their faces and they can only glare back because they know enough facts are already there in the hands of health activists to nail them on the issue.
You are not aware but health activists under the guidance of Dr Matthius Ruth, an US based physician, have already filed a case against these murderers at the International Court of Justice, The Hague, in the year 2003. Under intense pressure from the medical lobby the case is yet to come up for hearing. The medical industry has responded by arresting Dr Ruth on charges of wrongly prescribing a vitamin pill !!!
You will agree that the criminals are now openly advertising their criminality.
I agree that autism existed before the MMR but a medicine called Calmel made almost entirely of mercury also existed in a not so distant past. It was hurriedly pulled out of the market, for reasons not made public.
There may be a genetic angle to autism, it is attributed to suprressed syphillis, and syphillis too was "treated" by the medical practitioners by mercury in not too a distant past. So everywhere we end up running into mercury, a chemical that is being pushed into our children at above 500% times the safety level, if there can be one.
And please also be informed that GENETIC EPIDEMICS ARE AN IMPOSSIBILITY. At no time in human history has there been any kind of a genetic epidemic. And another thing, genetic diseases show there influence at the womb itself. A child cannot be perfectly normal for three to four years and then suddenly be affected by a "genetic epidemic".
I think being an intelligent person, which I hope you are, you must have understood what I am trying to say. If you did then you must realise that it took me many mails to convince you. Repetations are NECESSARY.
I did not ever ask for an apology from you. I understand that we all have been brainwashed by the medical industry since our first day in school. The doctors too are a brainwashed lot, even more so. Therefore it will take more than a 1 in 166 proportion of autism to awaken them from the slumber.
Please forward this mail to your friend Mr ___. I do not have the time or patience to repeat what I have said. And please do not adress any mail to my personal name again. I am a health activist and not just an aggrieved patient or parent. I am determined to fight till the last till we reach some sort of consensus on the issue. I have fought hordes of doctors, therefore if you think that your mails will in any way stand in the way of my objective, you are foolishly mistaken.