The Indian Medical Association Questions Polio Vaccine

HE Sri A P J Abdul Kalam,
Hon'ble President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhawan,
New Delhi.
Dt: 23.09.06
Respected Sir,
Please accept my pranam. Today's editorial of one of the premier newspapers of India, the Times of India, has hinted at the conspiracy behind the 200 year old fraud called vaccinations.
It is amazing that while the issue has taken the entire world by storm and has threatened the existence of the US CDC whose Director is now at loggerheads with the employees because she perceives the vaccine policy to be faulty and dangerous, the concerned authorities in India are ostensibly in the dark about vaccines and the dangers therefrom. This is a bit too much for the ordinary citizen of the country who obviously know more than the "experts" on the issue.
We now demand a CBI enquiry into the whole episode right from the very beginning. Neither the doctors, the politicians, nor the beaurocrats, nor the press can claim to be ignorant about the vaccine dangers specially when they have so eagerly and aggressively rooted for the same. If something is being forcibly pushed into the body of the infants and adults of our country with government connivance then it has been extremely callous and criminally negligent not to have studied the various ingredients that compose the vaccinations and their effect on infants with developing immune systems.
We also demand that all vaccine damaged children be paid the same sum as the American legal system has calculated for American children, $20.00 lakhs per child. We cannot accept anything less as our children are no less important to us. They must also be treated and rehabilitated at government expense who should take care of these children for their entire life period. We do not think this will put a heavy burden on the government which spends tens of thousands of crores every year on vaccines that kill and maim our children with every shot that is delivered.
The entire vaccination process should immediately be suspended till the issue is debated publicly and sorted out. We cannot continue with this farce even as the number of vaccine damaged children grows in leaps and bounds over the years. No international body should hold us to ransom when our health and our childrens health is concerned. The World Health Organisation, the CDC and the UNICEF are more concerned about their own agenda, as is evident from the content of the Times of India editorial. Globalisation does not mean that we should hand over ourselves on a platter to hostile foreign forces.
I will be extremely happy if you can reply to my mails or let me know what action you are taking to solve the very important issue I have raised. I do not represent just myself but all concerned parents who now view the entire medical system with great trepidation, fear and utter distrust, even hatred. The IMA now wishes to shrug off responsibilty under public pressure but it's role in introducing debatable vaccines into India is no secret.
If our demands are not met we will then peacefully boycott the dominant medical procedure of the day. Swami Ramdev has already appeared as our Messiah and shown us the way. It is a matter of shame that a rustic monk has taken it upon himself to restore the health of our countrymen even as our educated and intelligent doctors have used us as pawns to further their economic gains. They have played with our health, wealth and happiness at a scale never before observed in the history of human civillisation. They have broken the Nuremberg Code which came into affect to ensure that Nazi war crimes on humans were not repeated.
We will follow the ideals of Gandhiji who was totally against the concept of modern medicine and who is supposed to be the icon of the ruling party, at least on paper. It is his name that still rules the nation. We will try to set right the anomaly and ensure that not just his name but his principles too are reflected in the workings of the society. We will use all the tools in his armoury to fight the injustice in the health sector.
We hope that your goodself and the government will wake up before things come to such a pass.
We also hope that the editorial in the Times of India will serve as an incentive to our political leadership to raise the issue in Parliament. Any further silence on the matter will be percieved very negatively by the public, the citizen of a powerful and democratic country called India.
Most respectfully yours,
Jagannath Chatterjee,
Vaccine Damage Victim,
Health Freedom Fighter.
encl: Contents of the Times of India editorial.
cc: Sri Dr Manmohan Singh, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India,
      Madam Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, UPA,
      Srimat Swami Gahanandaji Maharaj, President, R K Math & Mission,
      Sri Somnath Chatterjee, Hon'ble Speaker, Lok Sabha,
      Sri L K Advani, MP, Leader of the Opposition,
      Sri Y K Sabharwal, Hon'ble Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India,
      Sri Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, Hon'ble Union Minister for Health,
      Smt Panabaka Lakshmi, State Minister for Health,
      Sri Prasanna Hota, Secretary, Department of Health,
      Secretary, Department of Family Welfare,
      Director General, Health Services,
      Dr Ajay Gambhir, MD, Member, Immunisation Committee,
      Dr Deepak Ugra, MD, General Secretary, IAP,
      Dean, NIMHANS,
      Director, Department of AYUSH,
      Director, Central Council of Homeopathy,
      Director, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy,
      Dr Leo Rebello, Director, Natural Health Centre, Mumbai,
      Chairman, National Human Rights Commission,
      Ms Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment,
      Swami Ramdev, Chancellor, Divya Yoga University,
      Ms Medha Patekar, Social Activist.
      Editor, The Times of India,
      Members, Autism Forums.
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Something is seriously wrong with India's polio eradication initiative (PEI). The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has raised doubts over why, after a decade of intensive implementation of polio vaccination, the incidence of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) is on the increase, particularly in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. 

The global average incidence of AFP is one in 100,000, but in India the incidence has suddenly risen to 12-13 per 100,000 since the implementation of the polio programme. 

IMA, not otherwise known for making proactive interventions, suspects a connection between vaccinations and rise in AFP, but the government is in denial mode. 

Incidence of AFP increased from 3,047 cases in 1997, when PEI had just begun, to 27,000 cases in 2005. There can be no denying that AFP has hit children who have been vaccinated. 

Meanwhile, there are reports of polio spreading to areas considered free of the disease, such as Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 

The Centre — along with UNICEF, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organisation and Rotary International, which are spearheading the Global Polio Eradication Initiative — should go slow on propaganda and instead take stock of the situation. 

By turning a blind eye to flaws in PEI, these global bodies have once again shown that their understanding of public health issues can be rather limited.

There can be no one-shot solution to controlling disease. In the case of polio, vaccination is unlikely to work in isolation of improvement in sanitation and nutritional profile of affected populations. 

The pulse polio programme has diverted resources away from routine immunisation efforts. The latter, along with an improved physical environment, might have worked better at keeping polio in check. 

While there can be no argument against a controlled, rationally-administered polio initiative, data on polio incidence does point to disproportionate emphasis on the disease. Did WHO paint a scare scenario in the 1980s? 

On a larger point, the accent on vaccinations as a magic cure is open to question. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that excessive vaccination impacts immunity, rendering children vulnerable to asthma and strange allergies. 

Some even point to the possibility of neurological disorders. In India, children are administered up to 25 doses of polio vaccine, unheard of elsewhere in the world. 

The government has not chosen to inform people about the contraindications. Vaccination is all very well, but to the extent that it is driven by commercial interests it should not be seen as panacea for all ills.