Suggestions to Health Ministry on How to Review Vaccines

Dr Anbumani Ramadoss,
Hon'ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare,
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
New Delhi
Dt: 25.06.2006
Respected Sir,
We have come to know that a review committee meeting on the vaccination policy is upcoming. Being a vaccine damage victim I do not at all favour the concept of mass vaccinations, but realising that this evil will not be eradicated I would like to put forth the following points which, I feel, should be discussed in the above meeting;
1. The composition of the review committee.
The committee should include experts from non-mainstream methods of healing like homeopathy, naturopathy and ayurveda. The practitioners of these systems of healing have observed firsthand and warned against the many side effects of vaccines. Now that all their apprehensions are more than apparent, these physicians should have a say in framing a new vaccination policy. Who should be vaccinated and who should not, what are the risk factors to be considered, what are the disease states that merit vaccines, should mass vaccinations be allowed, all such issues should preferably be discussed in the meeting.
2. Mercury in vaccines.
This will be a main topic for discussion but I wish to emphasise that mercury is not the only harmful ingredient of most vaccines. There are other heavy metals like Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Sulphate and also other carcinogens and toxins. There is also the question of antibiotics in vaccines which are delivered intramuscularly without a skin test.
3. Human and animal serum in vaccines.
As per vaccine researchers, there is no such thing as "uncontaminated serum". When the contamination in green monkey serum in polio vaccines leading to the human transfer of simian viruses SV 20 and SV 40 was detected, the responsible scientists countered that had they used any other serum it would have probably introduced virus from some other species instead. As serum from monkeys, horses, pigs, cows, chicken, egg,  and even human fetuses is routinely used in vaccines, this aspect of vaccines should be an important subject for discussion. This is highly essential considering the widespread prevalence of animal induced diseases like bird flu, mad-cow disease and other scourges like AIDS.
3. Genetically Modified Viruses.
Gene technology is in its infancy and many anomalies have come to the fore. The use of genetically modified viruses is therefore a very questionable procedure. The use of live viruses also should be debated.
4. Combination vaccines.
It has been observed, in countries where human life is considered important, that combination vaccines like MMR, DPT etc are more dangerous than the rest. This issue should be taken up and the use of separate vaccines for each disorder should be considered.
5.More tests needed on vaccines.
Vaccines are tested for only 48 hours. Is this adequate? If the effect of vaccines is known to exist for life then is it not obvious that the side effects too could be long term? What are the tests, if any, that have been conducted on the long term effects of vaccinations? The other tests that are absolutely necessary are;
A. The effects of the ingredients of vaccines, singly and in combination.
B. The effects of multiple vaccinations.
C. The amount of total vaccine ingredients that are injected into children during
    the childhood immunisation procedure and its effects.
D. The effects of vaccines on the sick, the pregnant, the immunodeficient, those
    suffering from inveterate skin problems, and on the children of parents suffering
    from chronic autoimmune disorders.
6. Building public awareness on probable vaccine dangers.
As we are all aware, the common man is blissfully unaware of the downside of the vaccination procedure. The medical industry prefers this ignorance as education on this aspect will make many, if not all, wary of vaccines. It is well known that health workers, vaccine researchers, and employees involved directly in the manufacture of vaccines usually shy away from them, knowing fully well the dangers. Why then should the public be kept in the dark about vaccine dangers? Is this not a great injustice that should immediately be rectified? The statement of mainstream doctors that the new vaccine policy should be framed without "creating a scare" is an indication of their utter callousness, lack of concern and disregard for safety.
Like in the civillised countries, in India too, all vaccines should be given only after obtaining signatures from parents that they are willing to vaccinate their children after duly considering the dangers involved. All the probable vaccine after effects should be clearly spelt out in these forms and read out and explained to illiterate parents so that they are not forced to blindly sign the declaration.
7. Acknowledging vaccine adverse effects and training doctors.
As I have been acutely aware in my case, no doctor will ever acknowledge that vaccines can cause adverse reactions. This situation should change. Doctors should be educated about all the probable after effects of vaccines and how to tackle them. They should maintain records of all vaccine adverse effects noticed and a national database should be formed in line with the VAERS system adopted in the USA.
What about a skin test being performed before the vaccines are given? This may save many a life especially from anaphylactic shock and seizures.
8. Compensating vaccine damage victims.
Having suffered an adverse vaccine reaction when I was barely 18, I have suffered horrendously for another 26 years, putting an end to all my dreams and aspirations besides forcing me to undergo pain and humiliation in the hands of insensitive doctors who refused to acknowledge my condition. What price should I put on all that I had to go through? I cannot imagine. Can you Sir?
Compensation is a must. Most vaccine damage victims are incapacitated for life. The government should not only compensate monetarily, but also take care of these victims as best as possible for life. A national vaccine damage compensation fund as well as an expert committee should immediately be formed for this purpose.
9. Should infants be vaccinated?
Why do we have to vaccinate children at their infancy? Can the vaccines not be shifted to a more mature age?
Our country recognises all the major systems of treatment. But by vaccinating children and introducing in them the vaccine dyscrasia we render them incapable of healing by other modalities as an unnatural and unstudied disease state is introduced. Should we not give the children a chance to decide whether they should risk the vaccines? Why inject babies who cannot describe their pain and anguish?
The vaccination procedure makes a mockery of a persons right to choose the modality of treatment he prefers. It is an infringement on his right to good health.
Sir, I hope you will consider all the above points during the vaccination review committee meeting.
May God Bless You.
Respectfully yours,
Jagannath Chatterjee
Vaccine damage victim,
Health Reform Activist.
cc: Sri Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister.
      Madam Sonia Gandhi,Chairperson INC.
     State Minister for Health.
     Secretary, Department of Health.
     Secretary, Department of Family Welfare.
     Director General of Health Services.
     Personal Secretary to Hon'ble Health Minister.
     Director, Department of AYUSH.
     Director, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy.
     Dr Leo Rebello, Director, Natural Health Centre, Mumbai.