Natural remedies for anxiety and sleep disorders

Dear Friends,
In todays stressful world, anxiety and sleep disorders are very common. To prevent them one should have a good nutritious diet, follow the rules for good digestion and elimination, avoid very stressful situations and emotions like anger, high ambition, work overload, have some exercise everyday, and go to bed by 10:00 PM.
However if one is already in the grip of the malady, the following medicines are considered safe;
1. Valerian.
This herb is available in capsule form from Himalaya Health Care pharmaceuticals. One capsule may be taken at night time. This is a tested and safe herb that does not have side effects, nor does it cause a hangover. In very severe cases one capsule twice a day is recommended. If a single capsule of valerian does not aid sleep at night one should consult a doctor, who may recommend two.
2. Passiflora Incarnata.
This is for more severe cases. It is available in tincture form in homeopathic dispenseries. The recommended dosage is 30 drops in half cup of water taken two hours before sleep. The dosage may be repeated if sleep does not ensue within one hour of falling asleep.
This herbal extract may become habit forming and may also cause a slight hangover in the morning. Its use is not recommended during daytime as it may cause drowsiness. However it is very safe if compared to chemical drugs and the temporary side effects vanish almost immediately after discontinuation.
It is preferably taken under medical supervision.
3. Ashwagandha.
This is the favourite of ayurveds. One can take it in powder (churna) form or as capsule called "Stresscom" from the market. As churna, the recommended dose is half teaspoonful or one teaspoonful in a cup of warm milk both at morning and night. The capsule, also with warm milk, may be taken twice a day.
This is very relaxing and very safe. The herb has also great nutritional value and serves as a general tonic for good overall health.
In some cases the herb may cause an increase in libido as it is also a mild aphrodisiac. If one feels uncomfortable one may reduce the dose to half or use it intermittently.
4. Avena Sativa.
This herbal tincture can be procured from the homeopathic dispensary. It is an excellent remedy for its gentle soothing effect on the nerves. The dosage is 15 drops twice a day in half a cup of water. It has a very great calming effect without any kind of side effects. It is a restorative tonic for the entire nervous system.
4. Kali Phos.
This is an excellent biochemic remedy used by the homeopaths for all kinds of anxiety, stress, nervous disorders and insomnia. Used in 6x potency it is usually taken as four tablets three times a day. At night the four tablets may be increased to six if the insomnia is acute. This remedy is totally free of any side effects.
There are other homeopathic remedies for the nervous system and insomnia. One is Coffea if there is depression and lack of sleep due to flow of thoughts. Nux Vomica taken at bedtime helps the overworked person calm down. It induces sleep, clears the body of toxins resulting from the stress and also induces a good bowel movement in the morning. It also helps in eradicating fears and the resultant chilliness. These remedies are usually taken in 30C potency.
The above commentary is for the sake of educating patients and make them aware that there are excellent remedies from the holistic practitioners chest to tackle stress related disorders. In very acute or severe cases one should approach a qualified holistic healer for diagnosis and treatment.
The views of the other practitioners in this forum on the above issue are welcome.