Mysterious “zombie disease” in Uganda caused by vaccines?

Is the mysterious “zombie disease” in Uganda caused by vaccines?

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*Listen to expert Dr Rebecca Carley discuss the latest pandemic hype surrounding a “zombie disease” on Sunday, 15th July, with myself as a guest
*Symptoms of children in Uganda and Tanzania similar to narcolepsy caused by Pandemrix pandemic vaccine
*Vaccine tweaked with rabies virus could be cause of “zombie disease”
*Prince William’s Tusk charity funded rabies vaccination programmes in afflicted region in Tanzania. Coincidence?
*Queen and Charles gave knighthood to Pandemrix manufacturer’s CEO in May
*Olympics could be scene of bioterrorist or other false flag operation
The mysterious “nodding disease” afflicting thousands of children in Uganda and Tanzania sounds similar to the “sleeping disease” narcolepsy afflicting thousands of children in the British Isles and Europe as a result of the pandemic vaccine.
Compare this description of the symptoms of the  children in Uganda:
With the symptoms of children such as Josh Hadfield, 6, who developed similar problems after taking the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine in the UK in 2009:
The UK government is covering up the Pandemrix vaccine scandal.
Finland has already confirmed the link between the sleeping disorder and the vaccine.
Granted, the nodding disease seems to be even more damaging and a vaccine spiked with a tweaked rabies virus could be the reason according to Dr Rebecca Carley.
There have been plenty of mass vaccination programmes recently in Uganda.
A charity connected with Prince William is supporting a rabies vaccination project in Tanzania, and in a region also afflicted by the so called nodding disease….
Is this a coincidence?
Prince William has supported other vaccine programmes in association with ARK and the sinister eugenicist Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
All the signs are that Prince William is afflicted with the same a eugenicist vaccine mindset hidden behind the same façade of lardy dardy as other members of his family.
Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Saxe Coburg Gotha clan thought so highly of GlaxoSmithKline’s mass poisoning of people of the UK and the world by means of the Pandemrix jab that she granted GSK CEO Andrew Witty a knighthood in May.
This is the same Queen who refused to give Mick Jagger a knighthood because he was anti Establishment.
Bottomline: It is okay to mass poison millions of people for Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg Gotha the  but not to be against her. I think that makes her look like she has the morality of moll, .
Princess Diana and Harry were never made members of the secretive and sinister order of Garter and Thistle. It is just William who joins Elizabeth, Philip and Charles of the Saxe Coburg Gothas.
Rise up, England! Clap all the vaccine eugenicist Saxe Coburg Gothas in jail including William – and do it  before they use the Olympics to stage a false flag terror attack to wrest control of the UK and turn it into George Orwell’s “1984”.
The net is closing in on the multi generational Saxe-Coburg Gotha crime gang and they might be getting desperate and be willing to try one last roll of the dice.