Job of a Holistic Healer Not Easy!

Dear Friends,

It is obvious that almost 100% of the patients, even many who have subjected themselves to holistic healing for long periods, have no idea what holistic healing is.
The first time a patient turns up, he/she just says terms like fever, diarrhoea, dysentery or some such other technical term and then sits back expecting the holistic healer to do the rest. Often patients just hand over their old prescriptions and reports.
It is very difficult to tackle such patients. They often come after doing the rounds of a great many conventional doctors and are tired of explaining what their problem is.
For a holistic healer the first prescription is extremely important and that requires an extensive case taking. So what we do, we give a placebo or Nux Vom to clear the case of drug symptoms and try to complete the case taking in three or four sittings.
Again people expect instant cures. That is not possible these days because cases have become extremely complicated due to suppression and too much of chemical intervention. It takes a long time for the patient to stabilise and original symptoms to appear. Only then can the actual healing begin. Today no disease shows their book recorded symptoms, we get a very complicated and messed up picture.
The healing also does not move in a straight line. Old suppressed symptoms return. The patient does not realise that the cure is progressing and the healing has begun. He blames the healer for making an old problem return which such and such doctor had "cured" with great difficulty.
Similarly mental states change and hidden phobias come up, again disturbing the patient.
Patients, in general, will never reveal intimate details making the job of the healer very difficult. Often after the problem is taken care of, aided by hints, the patient will say, "Doctor I did not mention this but this problem has now improved". Had this been revealed at first itself, the healers job would have been much easier.
Trying to get dietary, lifestyle and attitude changes through is a huge difficulty. The patient has become accustomed to the concept of a pill and instructions about how many to take per day. If a pill is not prescribed, diagnostic tests are not advised, stethoscope not put to the chest and the BP is not measured, no patient is satisfied.
Therefore I try my best to ocassionally slip in an article or two about the nuances of holistic healing and how this is different from the reductionist conventional healing. But by doing this I come to loggerheads with conventional doctors on many lists and very long arguments start.
Thus the job of a holistic healer is not easy !!!