Indian herbal medicines safe, says study

Indian herbal medicines safe, says study by SASTRAThursday May 25 2006 10:50 IST
THANJAVUR: Indian system of medicine may safely be adopted by people, says a study by the Centre for Advanced Research in Indian System of Medicine.

According to Centre Dean Victor Rajamanickam, an article published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2004 was highly controversial.

Analysing 14 Ayurvedic formulations manufactured in India, the article had concluded that they contained heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead.

Rajamanickam clarifies that the analysis had failed to take account of the processes involved and considered only the quantum involved.

It should be noted that the raw materials are transformed into therapeutic compounds by adopting different processes and as such, there is least chance of damage by these components.

The Dean also conducted multi-centric investigations and pre-clinical studies in rats administering the drugs that were reported controversial by JAMA.

After several stages of administering the drugs varying the dosage, it was found to have no adverse effects on the rats.

The experiments were conducted in collaboration with a team from Banaras Hindu University led by G.P.Dubey.

The findings were submitted to an expert committee constituted by the Department of AYUSH, Government of India, and New Delhi.

The committee appreciated the efforts taken by SASTRA and permitted publication of the findings, adds Rajamanickam.