Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccines

Here are the Homoeopathic prophalatics.  Reproduced from the book Handbook of Holistic Healing in Tropical Diseasses :
By Dr Leo Rebello.
(Circulated with permission from Dr Leo Rebello)
IMMUNISATION: Like in other diseases, homoeopathy has clearly established its superiority in treating viral diseases. These medicines (called nosodes in homoeo parlance) are produced from the diseased products themselves.
Allopathic immunisation procedure itself is a health hazard. Vaccines wiped out small-pox, polio, diphtheria, typhoid, influenza, we are told. In effect, however, the blood contamination from the vaccines not only causes the same disease in severe and even fatal forms, but the vaccine poisons cause other diseases, such as, paralysis, blindness, brain damage, cancers, autism, etc. Hence, go in for safer, cheaper and reliable Homeopathic prophylactics. Here is a list:
AIDS : Medorrhinum, Syphilinum, Tuberculinum or Thuja.
(Also, Echinacea, Lachesis, 
Sulphur, Phosphorus and Lycopodium).
Cancer : Carcinocin.
Chicken Pox : Malandrinum or Variolinum.
Diphtheria: Diphtherinum or Mercurious Cyanatus.
Gonorrhoea: Medorrhinum.
Infective Hepatitis: Nux Vomica.
Influenza: Arsenic Album.
Measles (Rubella): Morbillinum or Pulsatilla.
Mumps: Morbillinum or Parotidinum.
Polio: Lathyrus or polio nosode.
Rabies: Hydrophobinum (Lyssin).
Syphilis: Syphilinum.
Small Pox: Variolinum.
Tuberculosis: Bacillinum or Tuberculinum.
Typhoid: Ars Alb. or Baptisia.
Whooping Cough: Drosera or Pertusin.
For the after effects of Allopathic Vaccination or Vaccinosis, or to neutralize lethal drugs like AZT - which inhibit bone-marrow production, which in turn necessitates continual blood tranfusion for many patients - give Thuja and Kali Mur and lots of fresh curds (yogurts).
Then there are 12 tissue salts. These are also known as Schuessler salts after Dr.W.H. Schuessler, MD (1873) of Germany, who called them natural or physiological function remedies. The twelve inorganic (mineral) salts are essential to the proper growth and development of every part of the system.
They are:
Calcarea Fluor (Flouride of Lime): promotes elasticity of tissues. Used for piles, ruptures, strained tendons, varicose veins, muscles weakness, stretch marks, circulation problem, cracked tongue and lips.
Calcarea Phos (Phosphate of Lime): helps build new blood cells, strengthens bones and teeth, aids digestion; used for poor circulation, chilblains, lowered vitality, muscle weakness, iron deficiency anaemia, decaying teeth and teething problems.
Calcarea Sulph (sulphate of Lime): a blood constituent and purifier, for spots during adolescence, slow healing skin and wounds, sore lips.
Ferrum Phos (Phosphate of Iron): constituent of red blood cells which helps to distribute oxygen in the body; used for inflammation in general, feverishness, chestiness, sore throat, coughs, colds, chills, and muscular rheumatism.
Kali Mur (Chloride of Potash): asthma and bronchitis, colds, tonsillitis, sluggish digestion.
Kali Phos (Phosphate of Potash): a nerve soother and nutrient, used for tension, headaches, depression, loss of sleep, irritability due to worry and excitement and indigestion.
Kali Sulph (Sulphate of Potash): promotes and maintains healthy skin. For discharge from the nose and throat, poor condition of nails, hair and scalp.
Magnesium Phos (Phosphate of Magnesia): nerve and muscle fibre nutrient. Used to relieve darting pains, cramps and menstrual pain, acute spasms, hiccups, colic and wind.
Natrum Mur (Chloride of Soda): controls distribution of water in the body. Used for watery colds with flow of tears and runny nose; loss of smell or taste.
Natrum Phos (Phosphate of Soda): acid-alkaline regulator of the cells. Used for acidity, heart burns, gastric indigestion and rheumatic pains.
Natrum Sulph (Sulphate of Soda): balances body water, used for queasiness, morning sickness, digestive problems, billious attacks, colic, influenza and headaches due to.
Silicea (Silica): conditioner and cleanser, eliminates waste. Used for toxic accumulation, pimples and spots, boils, styes.