Doctors need to be careful about vaccines

To the Association of Paediatricians.
Respected Doctors,

It is not my intention to malign the forum, though, as pointed out, my personal experience does make me sentimental. Besides many of my friends and relatives too are doctors, and very decent individuals, so my fight is more against the system and the gaping loopholes which seem to be widening by the day.

Personally I feel I am speaking for the voiceless children. As Dr Burnett pointed out in 1840, "You cannot make a person more healthy by pushing diseased puss into him." I can extend that to say that you cannot make a person more healthy by introducing in him raw heavy metals, carcinogens, neurotoxins and contaminated serum.

If you think in an unbiased manner then the fact that we have 1.74 million autistic children in our towns alone and that 1 in 6 children suffer from neural/behavioural disorders then obviously something very wrong is happening somewhere which needs a thorough investigation.

I think the doctors have allowed themselves to be dominated by the drug and vaccine industry. The grip of the latter is so strong that doctors prefer to open their mouth against the industry only after they have retired from service. However there are positive signs also, like today there is the news about the protest against overuse of stents in treating arterial blockages in the heart.

You will agree that the amount of negative news about the medical fraternity that is being flashed in the TV screen everyday is affecting the image of the honest and sincere doctors too. Don't you think that is a great tragedy?

The earlier system of general practitioners and family physicians needs to come back. You have to treat the patient as a whole and know about his idiosyncracies and family history to treat him effectively. You must also consider mental and emotional elements in your diagnosis which will help you diagnose disease before pathological changes take place.

Moreover the stress should be on strengthening general immunity instead of fighting the bacteria and viruses 99% of whom are essential for the body to function normally.

I wish you people had agreed to the Health Ministers proposal of reintroducing integrated medicine. That would have made you aware about holistic approach to disease, the dynamics of disease as well as various modes of disease prevention rather than disease management.

You must be more open to patient feedback. Mere correction of pathological parameters do not make a person get back his health. It only pushes him deeper into a crisis as the underlying factors, many of which are beyond the reach of diagnostic tools, remain unresolved. The disease is compounded at all levels including the psyche and we have so much of negative passions in our society today as reflected in the soaring crime graphs and increase in such heinous crimes as rapes.

Regarding vaccinations, I know your fraternity is more aware today and most probably, despite stiff opposition from the vaccination industry, some reforms will be pushed through. However I would request you all to be extremely cautious as you are dealing with infants who can give no feedback. Please do follow up after the vaccinations and try to know more about vaccine adverse effects.

Thank you for reading this,

Respect & Regards,

Ps: The link I provided IS working. I checked it up again.