Dangers of Allopathic Treatment for Skin Problems

Dear Doctors & Friends,

I have just gone through the very interesting post of ayurved Dr Bhate wherein
he has dealt with the psychology of disease. One paragraph therein caught my

"Secondly, in several cases of patients visiting him after frustrating
experience from modern medicine, the toxins surfaced on skin were clearly
visible at very start, and after proper ayurvedic blood cleanse, the
skin became normal in few days time. "

As we all know, the skin is the largest organ of our body. It acts as both a
protector, protecting us from the environment, and also as an eliminator,
eliminating strong toxins generated by the body as a natural process or disease
process. The skin also helps regulate the body temparature.

I have studied the implications of skin disease in many systems of medicine,
ayurveda, naturopathy, unani, homeopathy and also energy healing. In all these
systems it has been very specifically cautioned that skin "infections" or
diseases should be treated with utmost caution. Any mishandling will result in
driving the toxins back to the body or prevent their elimination resulting in
severe aggravations and transforming acute illnesses to chronic, life
threatening diseases.

In the Unani system it is said, that if skin symptoms appear during the course
of a life threatening illness it should be taken to mean that Allah is happy
with the patient and has given him/her a new lease of life. Even Reiki
practitioners observe toxins emerging as rashes on the body after the 21 day
cleansing period.

All the symptoms advocate "INTERNAL CLEANSING" and detoxification and abhor
external suppression. The patient is adviced a simple diet, with plenty of fruit
juices and water. He is requested to stay away from negative mental impulses.
Blood cleansing elements are administered INTERNALLY so that it aids in the
elimination of toxins.

Homeopathy goes so far as to say that mental and emotional imbalances manifest
as an itch on the skin. And it is this itch which, if suppressed by external
allopathic (as opposed to homeopathic or internal) interventions, that the body
is subjected to chronic disease.

There are doctors, both ayurveds and homeopaths, who advise patients not to be
too worried about chronic skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis, or demand
"instant cure" in such cases. Theses systems try to reduce the aggravations and
make the life of the patient bearable. It is often seen that the
eczema/psoriasis flares up when there is a build up of toxins in the body and
thus saves the patient and his/her internal organs from damage.

It is said that toxins which cannot be handled by the small intestines,
oesophagus, liver or the kidneys find an outlet in the skin which can safely
handle them as it is the strongest organ of the body.

Love & Regards,