Continuing the vaccine debate

Respected Dr _____,

Thank you for replying to my mail. I have been browsing this site for a long time before joining and know that the doctors frequenting this site have extremely good intentions. The earlier discussions on vaccines have been handled fairly well.

I know that long term studies have never been conducted on vaccines. It is the lack of such studies, conducted by researchers who do not have links with the industry and are not financed by it, that gives rise to various views.

The main point is the doctors and aggrieved patients are totally at loggerheads on the issue. No party is willing to move an inch leading to an impasse. While the scientific studies are trashed by vaccine damage victims, the studies conducted at the behest of parents of vaccine damaged children are rejected by the medical fraternity.

One cannot ignore certain factors;

1. The vaccine issue is a "prestige" issue.
2. It is an economic issue.
3. It is an industry issue for the government.

The above factors are self promoting and the poor patient is left in the lurch. Vaccines have become the "holy cow" which no one dares to question whether inside or outside the medical profession.

I took it up because I have personally felt my regression after the vaccine. I was mortified at the way the doctors denied the link. Had they acknowledged and apologised I would not have turned an activist. But complete evasion of responsibility made me tackle my condition and also forced me to remain sane enough to study on the subject. Not an easy task I assure you.

I realise the helplesness of the doctors. They are taught to ignore and hide vaccine dangers. They may face ostracisation if they do not. All the doctors and health officials I have spoken to have revealed very little, seeking to provide pointers rather than reveal the facts. It was they who directed me to the internet.

I am in touch with both vaccine advocates and vaccine opposers. They both have valid points. They have to compromise on the following points;

1. Debating the need for mass vaccinations.
2. The matter of informed consent.
3. The matter of fully studying the vaccine after
   affects in view of vaccine ingredients.
4. The use of live viruses and GM viruses.
5. The importance of natural immunity, hygiene,
   nutrition and general health as a tool in the
   prevention of epidemics.
6. Identifying the population who are more susceptible
   to falling a prey for vaccine dangers namely,
   A. Sick, malnourished, underweight children,
   B. Pregnant mothers,
   C. Children of parents with autoimmune disorders,
   D. Persons with eczema, psoriasis,
   E. Children with low glutathione levels,
   F. Children who have older siblings with PDD,
   G. Family history of vaccine reactions.

Nobody is really concerned about the above factors. Everybody assumes that vaccines are safe for all and that they are the only answer to epidemics whether real or imagined. Thus we have governments readying to force vaccines of bird flu, HPV and AIDS on the population. These governments have already forced such debatable vaccines as HepB and the flu vaccine.

The HepB vaccine should have been given only to gays, bisexuals, and persons requiring regular blood transfusions. Similarly the HPV vaccine should target only the promiscuous. The flu vaccine is useless as the virus mutates every year and the AIDS vaccine is meaningless as the HIV=AIDS connection is yet to be established.

But who is questioning all this? Why is the medical community silent? Why is the public not being taken into confidence on these issues. Why is the medical industry so secretive?

The duty of a doctor is to heal the patient and not to advocate any system of medicine. Though ayurveda, homeopathy, unani etc are trashed by conventional doctors, it cannot be denied that these systems have their own theories and are highly effective. (I would not have recovered enough to write this mail had I not resorted to naturopathy and homeopathy).

Scientific studies on these healing methods are conducted with a view to malign them and even the results are manipulated. The worst fact is that these modalities are judged as per reductionist standards and not as per their own philosophy. All this does not reflect well on the intentions of the conventional doctors.

Unless there is a sincere and unbiased search for the truth, we patients will continue to fear for our lives and learn to distrust the doctors.

Please do not take anything to heart. I am an aggrieved patient pouring out my heart. I know that you all are highly educated people and the most intelligent brains of the country.
Respect & Regards,