Ayurveda not Scientific?

Dear Dr ____,
The use of modern tools have not improved your ability to cure diseases, therefore you cannot say that by using modern tools you are in fact at an advantage. Rather these modern tools have their own side effects through radiation, high frequency sounds etc.
Let us go to the animal world. The animals are healthy with their own instinct based medicine based on nature and they do not suffer from chronic autoimmune disorders unless they feed on pesticide laced food or are unfortunate enough to come into contact with domestic cattle or encaged in zoos, putting them under the mercy of vets. You should know that more animals die in zoo hospitals than in the wild, from disease.
The ayurveds diagnosed through the pulse, tongue, facial signs, skin tone, physical structure, palpitation and outward examination of organs, colour and smell of excreta and body odour, and the symptoms of the disease AS EXPRESSED BY THE PATIENTS. By adopting diagnostic kits the allopathic physicians have in fact lost access to a wealth of symptoms as they have lost the ability to diagnose disease without them. They have also TOTALLY LOST TOUCH WITH THE PATIENT AS A WHOLE.
We are speaking after experiencing PERSONALLY what modern medicine is. You should take our words as a FEEDBACK and rectify your defects.We are not arguing with you to gain any points. We are arguing because we want to be cured of our ailments. We are arguing because we do not want the best brains of our country engaged in damaging our health and in keeping us diseased for life.
To know about ayurveda and about how it too can use modern science I would like you to visit the Ayurveda Institute set up by Swami Ramdev and also the state of art laboratories of Himalaya Healthcare. Your entire perception about ayurveda will change after your visit.
Why don't you understand that you will GAIN and not loose if you study Indian medicine and homeopathy. You can only augment your knowledge and help serve humanity better if you stop chasing the chimera that disease begins and ends in the body. If you examine your patients in detail and enquire after their mental states a whole new world will open up before you and you will not only know what disease is but also how it can affect individuals.
For example, we criticise the present generation for taking to crime and leading promiscuous lives. But the ayurveds, homeopaths, and energy healers know the reason. They know that modern medicine is preventing the body from growing naturally and thus affecting the mind and emotions negatively by not allowing the psyche to mature properly. It is causing a kind of mental cancer when the mind and emotions are turning against the individual and making them take to crime and passionate lifestyles. DO YOU REALISE NOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO HUMANITY? FOR GOD'S SAKE WE APPEAL TO YOU, STOP !!!!!
You have to study classical ayurveda and classical homeopathy to gain from ayurvedic and homeopathic formulations. You have to step out of your limited education and study man as a whole. Ayurveda and homeopathy cannot be practiced by sitting in airconditioned chambers and skinning cadavers. A whole lot of effort and soul searching is required. You should also acquire a genuine interest in healing individuals. You should cultivate the humility to learn from and respect nature so that she reveals her secrets to you. You have to appreciate the divine nature of man.
And you must also remember that the patients sole and only desire is to be cured in toto. It does not matter to him what is scientific and what is not. In the wake of the Ramdev controversy, the patients said in one voice, "We will continue the pranayama, yoga, and medicines prescribed by Swami Ramdev because we are getting relief and being cured of our ailments. We have been to so many scientific doctors and hospitals who only made us feel worse and took our money. We do not bother if Ramdevji's methods are scientific or not".
I do not seek to inform and educate you people for the heck of it. As I have mentioned before, it pains me that the best brains of the world are engaged in damaging the health of patients and making them diseased and depraved.