A Letter to the President of India on Vaccines

H E Sri A P J Abdul Kalam
Respected President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhawan,
New Delhi.
Dt: 08.08.2006
Most Revered Sir,
Please accept my namaskar. This is another of my mails to you as I seek to make you aware about the dangerous side effects of vaccines that the children of our country are forcibly submitted to making them sick at the physical, mental and emotional levels.
The general arguement offered in favour of vaccines is that they have helped eradicate epidemics of dreaded illnesses.
However, in the following link you will find graphical evidence that shows that the epidemics claimed to have been cured by vaccines were in fact in their last stages when the vaccinations were administered. One graph is copied as an example.
It is a pity that while vaccinations are government sponsored in India, the disease state called vaccinosis is taught in government homeopathic medical colleges. These students also read books on vaccine dangers. Therefore the government really has no excuses and cannot claim that it is unaware of the dangers.
The book on vaccinosis that is taught, is
Vaccinosis - And it's cure by Thuja,
by Dr J Compton Burnett, MD
Published in India by
B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd,
1921, Chuna Mandi,
10th Street, Paharganj,
New Delhi - 110 055
Dr Burnett argues very clearly that infected pus, called lymph and which contains the virus that is the core, can cause a whole lot of problems. At the time of his writing (1840) he was not aware of the risks from animal serum, heavy metals, carcinogens, antibiotics, and live & genetically modified viruses. Vaccine whistleblowers say that uncontaminated lymph and safe serum are contradiction in terms. There is no way that contamination can be prevented in these.
This publisher B Jain has also published a book on vaccine dangers called,
"Vaccines, how safe & effective are they?" 
Sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Centre at;
If you read and contemplate the whole exercise, you will have to sit in stunned silence wondering what "medical achievement", and "safety track record" , is all about.
Vaccines do not affect all children equally. The sick, malnourished, immunodeficient and low weight infants are at much greater risk from the vaccines. There are also children who are unable to expell the heavy metals that form part of the vaccines. All these children regress into autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, permanent development disorders, suffer from encephalitis, meningitis, and various other neurological disorders. That is, if they are not killed instantly by anphylactic shocks and seizures due to allergy to one or more vaccine component.
Very recently 22 children died and 102 were hospitalised as they suffered from encephalitis after being administered the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine in Gorakhpur UP. The same vaccine has affected 35 children in West Bengal. The doctors who were interviewed by the media expressed their concern at the way mass vaccination drives were being conducted in India.
In India records are not kept. But if the figures of CDC in their VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) database is any indication (only 3% to 18% of the reported adverse reactions are admitted, mind you), then a significant portion of the infant mortality figures in India could be due to vaccines just as invented disease states like SIDS and SBS were used to cover vaccine deaths in the US.
And if vaccines really are safe then why have the vaccine manufacturers obtained immunity against law suits in the US? The clause granting them immunity was introduced clandestinely by a politician.
Even in India the anti-vaccine groups are worried that using live viruses in vaccines will spread the very disease that it seeks to prevent. This has been borne out by the repeated outbreaks of TB among BCG vaccinated children. The Oral Polio Vaccine is also a great risk they say, and even doctors join in the chorus. Recently a doctor has clearly warned about this in "The Daily Pioneer".
At a recent autism meet in Chennai concerned parents have spoken openly against mercury in vaccines. "The Telegraph", India, has advocated a book on the link of autism with mercury in vaccines and advised all parents to go through the book before vaccinating their children. The concern is growing but the perpetrators prefer to stick to their stand that there is "no conclusive evidence" to prove that vaccines are dangerous. Recently a health official of the CDC has gone so far as to irresponsibly comment that, "Even 10,000 shots in a single day will not harm any child". Will that gentleman be willing to expose his own child to 10,000 shots?
And about genetically modified viruses, the less said the better. Genetic engineers have repeatedly warned against genetic modifications of any kind before the full implications are studied. The bird flu vaccine for chicken being made of a genetically modified virus, has evoked strong protests from poultry farmers all over the globe. Madam Anuradha, Chairperson of the NECC has openly warned the public against the bird flu human vaccine as she percieves it to be extremely unsafe.
We need to urgently stop this practice and introduce other proven safe methods as homeopathic preventives which have a very good track record compared to vaccines in preventing epidemics. The holistic healers opine that strengthened immunity and natural exposure to disease is the most effective preventive. They also say that conditions like measles, mumps etc. are part of the growing process and interfering with them is causing incalculable harm to the natural growth of the body. 
Sir, I ardently hope that you will study the facts and ensure that the vaccination process is modified so as to cause the least harm to the hapless infants.
Most Respectfully yours,
Jagannath Chatterjee,