35 Questions for the Pediatricians

Dear Pediatrician,
You say there is no link between MMR and Autism. But then,
1. What is causing the epidemic of autism cases?
2. Why are children with autism testing positive for mercury?
3. Why is the measles virus found in the guts of autism patients?
4. Why is chelation (heavy metal detoxification)  the most effective procedure (30% results) in treating autism cases?
5. You pediatricians say that autism appears "at around the
   time the MMR vaccine is given. In many cases older children have
   regressed into  ASD after getting the MMR shot. How
   can you explain this?
6. Why don't you stop the MMR or break it up? Surely Measles
   and mumps are curable diseases and far more benign than
   autism and other PDD and neurological disorders?
7. What makes you doctors so special that you know better
   than the patients who are suffering and trying to get
   across the source of their misery to you people?
8. Why is it that vaccine manufacturers are now keeping aside
   around 60% of the MRP of vaccines to fight court cases?
9. Why are vaccines mercury free in the US now while the
   mercury laced vaccines are being peddled in the Third World
10.Do you inform the parents of vaccine dangers, and the side
   effects of the vaccine ingredients?
11.Why are long term tests on vaccines not being conducted?
12.Why have vaccine manufacturers influenced US politician
   Mr. Frist to make them immune from law suits?
13.Why was the immunity clause introduced cladestinely?
14.Dangers from vaccines have been discussed in medical circles
   since 1909. Dangers from mercury in vaccines have been
   discussed since 1938. Why was the public not informed
   about the results of these discussions. Even today vaccine
   dangers are discussed away from public gaze. WHY?
15.The Vaccine Development Report 2006, acknowledges the
   public furore over Thimerosal and yet vows to continue
   the use. Why?
16.Why is mercury so essential for vaccines? Why are
   carcinogens and potent toxins used in vaccines?
17.What is keeping the US and other governments from testing the long
   term effects of ethylmercury?
18.Why are tests on mice proving the dangerous after effects
   of ethylmercury relegated to the dustbin?
19.What tests have been conducted to prove that the vaccination
   process is ABSOLUTELY safe and can be given to all children
   whatever their state of health, medical history and ethnicity?
20.Do the peditricians keep a watch on the children they have
21.Do they keep track of vaccine after effects and report them
   to the authorities?
22.If yes, then what are the vaccine after effects?
23.Why does the CDC record anphylactic seizures, shock,
   enephalitis, meningitis, other neurological disorders
   as probable vaccine after effects on its website? Why
   does it warn about "allergies" to vaccines?
24.Do you inform the parents of those children you vaccinate
   about the above mentioned after effects?
25.Why are parents of children in Third World countries kept
   in the dark about the above mentioned after effects?
26. And most important, what studies have been undertaken to know how the MMR vaccine interacts with the other vaccines preceeding it?
27. The EPA in the USA says that mercury is "safe" upto 0.1 mcg of body weight. By the time children are given the 24 shots, and they receive the flu shot, the mercury in their body may go upto 249.6mcg. How can this be deemed "absolutely safe"?
28. The pediatricians warn of mercury in environment affecting pregnant mothers and newborn babies. Why do they then keep quiet about the mercury INJECTED into the infants BLOODSTREAM of the infants, and in such huge quantities?
29. The EPA warns about trace elements of mercury in tuna fish. Again,  what about the mercury INJECTED into the infants BLOODSTREAM of the infants, and in such huge quantities? 
30. If the vaccine industry is asked to prepare and distribute vaccines for free, and if the pediatricians are asked to inject them for free then will these groups still be so enthusisastic about vaccines? In India the doctors do not heed the call of the government to conduct and participate in free vaccine camps. But they do conduct paid vaccine camps at the behest of vaccine MNC's.
You MUST answer all my questions because autism has progressed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 166 and is slated to become 1 in 150 and then maybe grip the entire population. It is already being discussed that neurological disorders resembling autism is prevalent in alarmingly large sections of the population.
31. And yes, another question. Are you fully educated about the entire process of vaccine manufacture? Are you fully aware of the entire chemicals and toxins used in the vaccine manufacture process, storage and use? Are you aware of all the side effects of these heavy metals and toxins, individually and collectively? Have you personally been to any vaccine manufacturing lab? Have you consulted any chemist or other person involved in the vaccine manufacturing process regarding the entire procedure and its safety?
33. If not, then how can you peddle vaccines, suggest and promote their use?
34. You still did not answer the question if epidemics of genetic disorders are possible.
35. And the ultimate question. Do you have the gift of conscience?
Please report to me the reaction of your pediatrician after you have asked the questions.