How Pranayama Heals - Dr Shirish Bhate

How Pranayama Heals
- Dr Shirish Bhate 

Dear Jagannath

Skin problems errupting during alternative treatment is one issue
which makes patients want to jump back over the iron curtain between
conventional and alternative medicine. Thus a conventional patient
would like to come to alternative, or an ill-informed alternative
patient would like to go back to allopathy. Hence this requires
emphasis. Generally such problems are of temporary nature, and body
will emerge cleaner with a healthy and shining skin, as more oxygen
can be breathed by skin. Skin is not only a largest organ, but an
organ exposing largest surface to oxygen. Purpose of skin is not only
to protect organs from external attack, but to breath oxygen and also
expel toxins which otherwise can not be eliminated through other

Another very minor purpose of this post is to explain the reasons
for "Agnihotra" which was an enquiry in one recent post on this list.

Author wishes to point out how safe and inexpensive are oriental
naturopathy techniques of healing, as compared to some modern methods
of alternative healing. The basic principle of breathing techniques
of Patanjali yoga, as taught by Baba Ramdev, breathing techniques
taught by Tantric master Guru Padmasambhava, oxygen and ozone therapy
in west are same. Oxidizing the toxins by use of oxygen or more
active ozone. Higher proportion of oxygen in blood cleanses the blood
of toxins and also all microbes. It is well known that Cancer cells
divide rapidly in an environment having less oxygen, and thrive by
using sugar. Normal cells and immune system cells become stronger if
more oxygen exists. More or less same principle extends to parasites,
microbes invading the body.

The skin problems when this higher energy route is adopted are best
described by Dr Saul Pressman:

"Unlike other methods of ozone application, employing ozone in a
steam sauna will
induce the "healing crisis", which feels like having the flu for a
few days.
Patients should be informed of this effect so they can be prepared,
and welcome
it as a sign of beneficial healing. Skin rashes are common as the
toxins are
pushed out through the skin rapidly. Often the rash is very itchy,
and this can
be alleviated by using colloidal silver water and taking protease
enzymes in
large amounts.
The more frequent the treatments, the more rapid the healing, and the
severe the healing reactions will be. It may become so uncomfortable
that the
patient will need to reduce the frequency of treatments from once
daily to once

Despite this warning, in order to appreciate how this healing crisis
can assume alarming status, is demonstrated by a case of a tough

"He has had 35 saunas in 37 days. On the 7th day he started having
the chills, fever, diarrhea and general body aching. The flu
symptoms were gone in approx. 4 days. General body aching lasted
approximately two weeks. In this two week period he seeded 2500
acres which translates into 15 hour work days. He spit out mucous
out of his throat continuously. Approx. on the 25th day he developed
oozing weeping welts around the groin and uptowards the hip. Rash on
back, it is spreading to his stomach and legs.

Do you have any thoughts on how long to expect this to continue or is
this an unfair question since everyone is different? What other
healing crisis issues can we expect?
Thank you...Harriet


Dear Harriet,

That is excellent news!

He is experiencing the healing crisis, which means he is on the road
recovery. It would be good for him to take a bit of a rest and give
body a chance to catch up. He must be a tough guy to work through
but I understand what seeding season is, having farmed for 35 years.

So, now that he is done, let him take some time off and allow the body
to complete its job, and continue with the treatment. He is most of
way through now.

Make sure he drinks lots of water. I know the old farmers don't like
drink water (I think my dad only drank water five times in his life!),
but is is necessary to help the body with its heavy work."

Best of health,
Dr Saul Pressman

Author meditated a lot on this situation and found that breathing
techniques and juicing were much better and inexpensive as compared
to such treatments (Cost of a good sauna and ozone generator works
out to nearly $4500/-). The results of this meditation are as follows:

ozone is available in atmosphere in very small percentage and life
style recommended in Ayurveda utilises these facts so that health
rejuvenation occurs.

In nature, everyone needs ozone and solar energy. The regions of earth
where more ozone is available, less solar energy will suffice for

Ozone percentage is more in places at Alpine/Himalayan heights, due
to rare
atmosphere and less pollution. Hence plants in such places have less
foliage. They need not gather more solar enegy through photo-

Every health science and "pathy" recommends going to hill stations and
spending few days there to enjoy pollution free and ozone rich air
available there, in addition to cosmic energy less filtered by
polluted atmosphere.

The beneficial effects of ozone were known to Indian acharyas who
developed ayurveda. There are many plants considered "holy" in India;
but amongst them , most holy is "Tulsi" or "Holy basil". All other
plants give us "oxygen" during photo-synthesis.

Tulsi is the only plant, which gives out a little ozone during photo-
synthesis. This was found accidentally by this author while doing
breathing exercises near a Tulsi Garden. This is the reason, in India,
every Hindu home will be found with Tulsi plant in back yard.

A little ozone is also given out when "ghee" made from milk of Indian
cow is burnt in an oil lamp or ghee is added to fire. Hence when
Yagnya is carried out (This involves Holy fire and chanting of various
Mantras) cow ghee is offered into fire. Ozone which gets released, not
only rejuvinates everyone around, but also kindles spiritual fire in
heart. Hence, in some ashramas and homes, "Agnihotra", i.e. Agni
Ahoratra, holy fire day and night with no break (24x7x365) is kept
alive, and cow ghee is sacrificed in the "holy" fire. Wood obtained
from only seven trees qualifies for sacrifice in the fire. There are
additional holy trees other than Tulsi.

The proportion of ozone in air is higher at early morning, i.e. 2
before sun-rise. This is also the time when 'sushumna' nadi becomes
active, This nadi is the express pathway from 'Muladhar Chakra'
to 'Sahastrar Chakra' in head, traversing spine. Hence every yogi
to meditate or carry out Yoga exercises at this time, termed 'Brahma
Muhurta' in India. Indian yogis recognised the importance of
ozone in spiritual progress as well as health. Tulsi is used in
thousands of medicines in Ayurveda and its success in curing bipolar
depression can be searched in archives of group 'ayurvedaonline'. The
reason it is considered holy can only be ozone connection. Tulsi is
used in every Puja procedure by Hindus.

Another source of ozone is aerobic decomposition of a compost heap,
when cow dung is added to compost heap

It is for this importancee of ozone that Indian acharyas have
included so many ozone sites for health as
well as spiritualism. Since in above circumstances recommended by
acharyas, ozone is given continuously in a very small micro dose, the
possible health benifits are without any "healing crisis". Secondly,
when you wish to attain "health" or a "self-realization", a little
price has to be paid during detoxification of body or soul. Similar
reaction also occur when Kundali awakens, if toxins are present in

Dr Bhate

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> As we all know, the skin is the largest organ of our body. It
acts as both a protector, protecting us from the environment, and
also as an eliminator, eliminating strong toxins generated by the
body as a natural process or disease process. The skin also helps
regulate the body temparature.