Homeopathy in Impotence.

My take: 
God did not make any man impotent. When He created man He also gave him the power to procreate. So what went wrong? Why is impotency so widespread, just like infertility in general? Poet Tagore said, "Every child comes with the message that God is not yet frustrated with man". Is God frustrated now? At every level of health we see a crisis. This crisis is being aggravated and mismanaged by leading us to an era of "scientific advances" that will modify us beyond what God intended through genetic modification (already set in motion by vaccines), cloning, artificial body parts, and eugenics i.e. selective breeding. Should this be allowed?
Coming back to the subject, the reasons for impotency may be deep seated chronic illnesses that need to be addressed. As the body proceeds towards a cure,  the person is healed at every level. While modern medicine scoffs at the concepts of healing and cure, these are indeed still possible in the realms of ayurveda, homeopathy and spiritual healing. We should understand this and wrest back our health as well as the future of humanity.
I have always targeted the causes of today's illnesses to be drug/vaccine induced, that is iatrogenic; as a result of suppressive treatment whereby symptoms are destroyed instead of dealing with the underlying condition; as result of our toxic environment; our lifestyle, embracing habits anathema to our culture; and to the systematic destruction of our food and nutrition status by playing with agriculture. 
We have a long way to go in changing ourselves. But we are changing as awareness spreads and people are saddled with sick bodies and minds resulting in an even sicker society. The mounting expenses on "health care" is also awakening us even though insurance companies push us deeper into the crisis by being hand in glove with the medical industry. 
The change has to be both individual and collective. It is important for it to begin.
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Homoeopapthy has the best and the safest possible treatment to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction quite effectively without any complications or side effects. In general terms “Erectile Dysfunction” means “Impotency”. For more details on this subject, please read my book “Homoeopathic Management of Male Sexual Disorders”, published by B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi (India) as well as my Article “Impotency”.
Homoeopathic Treatment:
Agnus Castus:
The penis is small and flaccid, so relaxed that voluptuous fancies excite no erection. The testicles are cold, swollen, hard and painful. Impotence with gleet. During micturition and at stool there is much secretion of prostatic fluid. Pollutions from irritable weakness with prostatorrhoea. Gonorrhoea with suppressed sexual desire. Diminution of sexual power.
Argentum Nitricum:
Erection fails when coition is attempted. Want of desire. Penis shrivelled. Coition painful, sensitive at orifice. Painful tension during erection. Testicle drawn high up. Psychological impotency. Apprehensive impotency before coition.
Caladium Seguinum:
Sexual organs relaxed and swelled. Glans flabby from masturbation. Painful erection without sexual desire, alternating with sexual desire with relaxed penis. Impotence with mental depression. Nocturnal emission without dream. Imperfect erection and premature ejaculation of semen. Excitement does not erect penis. Feeling of coldness in penis.
China Officinalis:
Impotency with excited, lascivious fancy. Swelling of the testes and spermatic cord. Quick discharge of semen during intercourse followed by profound neurasthenia.
Conium Maculatum:
Impotence, insufficient erections, and absence of erections. Want of energy in coition. Erections imperfect, and of too short duration. Easy emission of semen, even without firm erections. Dejection, after coition. Sometimes emission at mere presence of women.
Lycopodium Clavatum:
Impotence of long standing. Weakness or total absence of erections. Penis small, cold, relaxed. Emission too speedy or too tardy during coition. Falling asleep during coition. Lassitude, after coition or pollutions. Flow of prostatic fluid, without an erection. Abhorrence of coition.
Nux Vomica:
Excitement easy. Strong sexual desire with painful erection. Increased sexual desire with frequent erections and pollution in the morning. Pollution with flaccidity of penis fllowed by coldness and weakness in lower extremities. Involuntary seminal emission. Nightly emissions with lascivious dreams. Impotency due to masturbation and sexual excess. Flaccidity of penis during coition.
Phosphoricum Acidum:
A feeling of heaviness in glans especially when urinating. Absence of sexual desire. Neurasthenia after sexual intercourse. Weakness of sexual organs with onanism and little sexual desire. Frequent and very debilitating pollutions. Onanism. Discharge of semen while straining at stool.
Phosphorus:Impotency after excessive excitement and onanism. Involuntary emission. Feeble and too speedy emission during coition. Very strong sexual desire, with constanct wish for coition.
Impotence; with lascivious ideas. Pollutions, with flaccidity of penis. Discharge of semen, drop by drop, during sleep. Flow of prostatic fluid during evacuation and at other times. Thin and scentless semen. During coition, feeble erection, too prompt emission, and long-continued voluptuous thrill. Priapism, glans drawn up.
Always has sexual thought. Frequent pollutions, even during a siesta. Face sunken and melancholic due to bad effect of onanism and too frequent nocturnal emission. Organs relaxed with backache and weakness of the lower extremities. Seminal emissions followed by great chagrin and mortification Dyspnoea develops after coition. Secretion of prostatic fluid during evacuation.
Impotency after suppression of gonorrhoea. Emission during sleep. Semen watery, causing no stiffness of the linen. Pain, burning along urethra when semen discharges.
Sabal Serrulata:
Discharge of prostatic fluid. Pain in back much aggravates after coitus. Drawing pains in spermatic cords; shrunk testes. Penis shrunk and cold with urinary troubles. Hard erection, slight twisting chordee as if stretched from the root. Organs feel cold. Coitus painful at the time of emission. Sexual neurotics.
Turnera Aphrodisiaca (Damiana):
An excellent remedy for impotency. Give 5-10 drops a dose thrice daily. Sexual debility from nervous prostration. Chronic prostatic discharge.
Too quick discharge of semen during coition. Erection fails when coition is attempted. Incomplete rection during coition. Impotence with mental depression, relaxed penis, with sexual desire and excitement. Testes relaxed and hanging down. Watery semen.
Calcarea Carbonica:
Weakness of the genital functions, and absence of sexual desire. Erections of too short continuance, and emission of semen too slow and too feeble during coition.
Arnica Montana:
Impotency due to fall or blow. Impotence from excess or abuse.
Nuphar Luteum:
Excessive depression of the male generative system. Entire absence of erections and desire; voluptuous ideas which fill imagination do not cause erections. Penis retracted, scrotum relaxed. Complete absence of erections; inability to effect coitus.
Moschus Moschiferus: Impotency associated with diabetes.
Kali Bromatum: Impotency with melancholy, loss of memory; nervous prostration; epilepsy.
Yohimbinum: It is a powerful stimulant of the genital function in males. Sexual neurasthenia, with impotence.
NOTE:Any information given in this Article is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a well qualified classical homoeopath. If you wish to be treated homoeopathically, the Author of this Article can offer his good services. If so, you may kindly contact him by e-mail for details.