The Dynamics of Disease - Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Perspective.

The Dynamics of Disease.
How the Ayurveds and Homeopaths perceive disease.
 Jagannath Chatterjee.
1. Ayurveda.
It is good to know about the dynamics of disease as even a little of  this knowledge can save one from great calamities. First let us tackle the basic question, why is disease dynamic? This is because life force or vital force or Prana Shakti, whatever you call it, is one of the most dynamic forces on earth and thus has to be influenced by a opposite dynamic force of similar magnitude for it to become deranged and sick.
Genetic engineers who are now peeping into the work of genes are getting a slight indication of how many complex works of various nature are being performed driven by the gene structure programming contained within every cell. The vital force creates and maintains this genetic structure, and is in turn maintained by it. How much more dynamic and powerful it must be!
The vital force is so strong that in reality we do not need any medicines or outside intervention at all to cure disease. What is really necessary is knowing the art to harness and guide this vital energy. This science was known to the Vedic people. In fact when ayurveda first came into being, suggesting a human intervention, the first ayurveds were looked down upon and treated as pariahs. Because with ayurveda also came the feeling that man would one day become body centric and forget the spirit.
We perhaps cannot go back en masse to the days when the vital force could be harnessed, though people practicing pranayama are doing just that. They are arousing the vital force, which when free of its shackles is performing miracles like dissolving tumours, clearing heart blockages, reducing blood sugar, making hair grow on bald plates and so on. How this happens is beyond science but we cannot deny that it happens.
Let us go down to more mundane levels so that we can identify with the situation. Robert Svoboda, renowned ayurved, narrates an incident where his friend was suddenly taken ill when exposed to chilly air after sweating from exertion. Svoboda diagnosed it as a Vata disorder and advised his friend to go for a steam bath and also take pure clarified butter to engage his stomach.
Soon his friend developed an uneasy abdomen full of gas and started vomiting. Svoboda was pleased that the Vata toxins had been attracted to the stomach and were now being expelled. Sure enough his friend recovered from the illness and got back his good humour. Svoboda thus used the vital force to get rid of the disease. Had the disorder not been cured thus his friend would have developed fever, a cold and even pneumonia with chest involvement.
Ayurveda deals in a very systematic manner with the various forces working in the body, forces that perform the various automatic bodily functions so essential for our existence. It also describes the various metabolic centres in the body which carry out the processing of the various inputs, the most important being the "digestive fire".
It also deals with the energy meridians (nadis) which form an intricate network within the body and also outside it, forming the basis of the human aura as seen through Kirlian photography. It describes in detail the energy vortices called chakras which rule over the various parts and processes of the mind and body. The nervous system described in ayurvedic texts is highly intricate and shows fine nerves which are yet to be discovered. The ayurvedic texts also speak of germs as parasites which live off the body and are harmful only when the immune system is highly compromised.
Ayurveda recognises individual idiosyncracies and divides people on the basis of their predominant body humour. Disease occurs when these humours are disturbed. Treatment consists of restoring balance and eliminating the toxins which have resulted as a result of the imbalance. By acting along with the flow of the various forces within the body ayurveda ensures a very smooth restoration of health without side effects as the vital force as well as the immune system are never interfered with or compromised.
Ayurveda places more importance on prevention rather than cure. All the possible humour imbalances are noted and a list of do's and dont's are prescribed to be followed as daily and seasonal routines. Care is also taken that persons adjust their diet with their individual body type without compromising on the required nutrition. Each person is sought to be educated on the basics of prevention and cure based upon simple herbs, spices, grains, oils and vegetables commonly found and routinely consumed.
Spiritual training to every person is considered essential as physical and mental purity leading to faith in the eternal is the goal of ayurveda. We should not forget that ayurveda is the result of research by the saints of India who sought to so fine tune the body, mind and emotions that the body became a vehicle to cross the ocean of humdrum existence.
2. Homoeopathy.
Homeopaths describe the disease force to be the result of a disturbed mind. The mind of man was initially an epitome of simplicity. It was in tune with nature and man could converse with the elements. There was no trace of selfishness as the spirit body was so highly developed that the needs of the physical body were mere mechanical and of really no consequence. Constant joy was the result and life was a blessing.
In the Uddhava Gita we listen to Sri Krishna who advises his friend Uddhava to prepare for the ultimate release; Moksha. When Uddhava asked why, the Lord informed him that with the coming of the Kali Yuga, man would forget God and run after the world. Life would become full of woes and the joy of living would disappear. Uddhava was aghast, was such a thing ever possible? Could man really become weary of life? Could man ever forget God?
We know that Sri Krishna's prophecies have come true. Men fell from spiritual grace and adopted money and material prosperity as the goal. As a result arose selfishness, jealousy and the ambition to earn more than required. This created a mental disturbance just as the waters of a calm lake is disturbed when a stone is thrown into it. The ripples spread to the body through the glandular system that acts as the conduit between the spiritual body and the physical. Strong toxins were produced which only the skin could handle, and were thrown out causing an itch upon the skin.
When these itches were interfered with and suppressed, the disease dynamics came into being getting an upper hand over the vital force. Whereas the negative tendencies of the mind were earlier voluntary, now they became a compulsion and the mind, the source of extreme joy earlier, became a curse on man. Hahnemann termed this disease state Psora.
This disturbed mind led man to even greater sins which resulted in veneral diseases. When the external manifestations of these diseases were suppressed with strong medicines and ointments the disease force was further strengthened giving it the strength to go deeper and affect the internal organs. The intellect too was deeply affected and the passionate criminal mind took shape. All the base desires of man received a fillip and man was bestowed with the power to become worse than an animal.
The conscience lost its grip upon this transformed creature. Depending upon what was suppressed, gonorrhoea or syphillis, Hahneman termed the disease states Sycosis and Syphillis. Syphillis totally destroys both the mind and the body whereas Sycosis renders man incapable of discrimination and sane judgement, thus forming the basis of a sadistic personality.
There is a fourth stage, Tuberculosis, that developes as the Sycotic person, enamoured by the life of the senses, dissipated his vital fluids sapping the body of vital nutrients. There are also unreciprocated emotions, deep dissatisfaction with life and the curse of poverty that has the same effect on the body. Thus the body "wastes away". Tuberculosis is the combined effect of Psora and Sycosis, with a trace element of Syphillis. We are seeing the three disease states reigning supreme and combining with Vaccinosis to become AIDS. The parallels between the symptoms of AIDS and syphillis have been mentioned by many an AIDS researcher.
With the desire to play God, came the practice of vaccinations. The interference with the vital force and the injecting of animal serum directly into the blood stream gives rise to this disease state which is very similiar to Sycosis, suppressed gonorrhoea. This is Vaccionosis. Now it is widely known that this disease force also owes its vicious nature to the heavy metals, toxins, immunomodulators, contaminated serum and carcinogens that form vaccine ingredients. 
Well selected homeopathic remedies can cause the body to throw out the toxins before the original disease state can reappear in its pristine form rendering it amenable to cure. Homeopaths are now busy preparing remedies out of toxic allopathic drugs so that they can counteract the near permanent toxic effects of these vile substances. However if by surgery an organ is removed or modified without real need for the same  then heaven help that person as he has no chance of full and complete recovery. 
How is modern medicine affecting this disease force? We must know that the force of disease is from outward to within, going deep into the body, from a less important organ to a more important one. With its suppressive form of treatment modern medicine is "fast forwarding" this process taking the mayhem to never before reachable heights. What starts out as a itch, becomes a stomach derangement, acidity, nervous disorder, liver ailment, heart problem, kidney failure as the disease goes deeper and deeper into the system. Moreover all the disease states can spread and be transferred by sharing the same needle and also by the exchange of serum and blood. These states are also hereditary.
The curative force is from within to outward, and also above downward,  as the vital force of the body always tries to throw the disease out. Under proper classical homeopathic treatment it is invariably seen that the disease disappears in the way it came i.e. in the reverse order in which it had progressed.
In the above example the kidney failure patient would see his kidney problem receding and his heart problem returning, then the liver getting affected as the heart gets better, nervous system falling ill as the liver improves, the acidity then taking its place and finally the original itch reappearing on the surface of the skin, and aggravating as the entire toxic load is thrown out into the surface and disappearing never to return again. The mind too becomes progressively more cheerful with the ultimate return of the original simple and pure nature.
This is the holistic method of healing which is capable of effecting a complete cure in all aspects without having to take recourse to a painful lifetime routine of taking drugs and visiting doctors.
However the illnesses of Saints and Sadhus do not fall into this category. They suffer because of intense sadhana and compassion towards other human beings which attracts the suffering of others. They too can be relieved by ayurveda which has got a separate section for such illnesses called "Yogaja Vyadhi", illness resulting from intense spiritual practices.
Both Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Chaitanya as well as various other Saints have benefitted by this branch of ayurveda. Homeopathy too can help with well selected remedies, as in the case of Sri Ramakrishna who received palliative homeopathic treatment from Dr Mahendra Lal Sircar, though the above disease dynamics does not apply. These Saints also get spiritual help in the form of messages from God which helps them find a cure. That is a form of spiritual healing, considered to be the ultimate form of treating the body, mind and soul.