Vaccines: Letter to GAVI Alliance

The GAVI Alliance Secretariat,
Palais des Nations,
1211 Geneva 10
Dt: 10.18.2006
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been browsing through your website and noticed that you mention vaccine reactions from contamination and other factors. The doctors in India maintain that vaccines are extremely safe. Certainly all of us know that vaccines can cause severe adverse reactions, even death. The US CDC website too says so.
Your alliance seems to worry about only vaccine costs and delivery whereas it should also be concerned with vaccine safety and treatment/compensation to victims. You cannot leave this vital aspect to the governments of the Third World countries when you, with the help of your components WHO and the UNICEF, prevail upon them to vaccinate each and every child with a wide variety of vaccinations. Your instructions are followed with a zeal that cannot be explained in terms of logic and common sense specially when there is proof of large scale vaccine damage in these countries.
My question is, what is GAVI doing about this? Does the GAVI have any plans to educate the people of these countries about possible vaccine adverse reactions? Does the GAVI intend to train doctors in these countries to acknowledge and treat vaccine adverse reactions? Does the GAVI have any funds set aside to compensate the innocent children of poor and middle class parents in these countries? How can the GAVI ensure that, in case of clinical trials of vaccines, all protocols are strictly adhered to? How does the GAVI collect data on adverse reactions from these countries? What does it do to check the veracity of such data?
I wish to inform you that in these countries vaccine reactions are not acknowledged, let alone compensated. The doctors routinely assign non vaccine related causes to vaccine deaths and reactions. The government does absolutely nothing to educate the public on vaccine dangers. No one knows which vaccine is tested and which is undergoing clinical trials. There are no records left in the hands of patients to prove that they suffered vaccine damage.
As in these countries life in itself is a burden due to poverty and its myriad effects, I hope you realise the various financial, physical, mental, emotional and social difficulties parents face when saddled with vaccine damaged children whom they have to raise sans any help from any quarters. Life becomes an ordeal for the entire family and the victims are left to their fate. As a rule the victims and their family do not even realise that they are victims to vaccines.
Kindly furnish your replies so that we may be assured that the GAVI Alliance is a responsible organisation and is indeed concerned about the health of children in the Third World countries. Otherwise we shall be forced to assume that it is but the marketing wing of the vaccine industry.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Jagannath Chatterjee,
Vaccine Damage Victim,
Health Reform Activist.
cc : Sri Dr Manmohan Singh, Hon'ble Prime Minister, India,
      Ms Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson UPA,
      HE Sri Y K Sabharwal, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India,
      Chairman, National Human Rights Commission,
      Sri L K Advani, Leader of the Opposition, Lok Sabha,
      Sri Jaswant Singh, Leader of the Opposition, Rajya Sabha,
      Honourable Members of Parliament,
      Eminent Doctors, Journalists, Activists and Lawyers.