Parents, Say No to Forced Vaccinations!

Parents, Say No to Forced Vaccination: DPH, Odisha.

Today I had a discussion with the Director, Public Health, Odisha on the subject of forced vaccinations. Incidentally he is also the President of IAP, Odisha and is a junior to my friend Dr Gadadhar Sadangi, past President IAP.  

He denied that there was any forced vaccination in Odisha. But he conceded that vaccination is not mandatory and the parents have a choice not to vaccinate. He also agreed that parents should know about all the risks associated with vaccination before vaccinating their children. When I informed him that in hospital settings children are administered zero hour vaccines even before the babies are brought to the mother, he said that the practice is wrong and should be protested. 

So parents it is now up to you to fully research on each vaccine before you decide on vaccinating your child because your doctor will not provide you with any information. If you prefer delivery in a hospital setting, then please inform the Head of the hospital in writing about your vaccination choice and mark a copy to both the Secretary Health and the Director, Public Health. Also mark a copy to the OIC of the local police station (because vaccination without consent is assault and a criminal offence) and to your advocate. That you are marking a copy to these people should be mentioned in the letter.

If you decide to vaccinate then get the recommendation in the pad of the doctors with his full name, signature and seal, note and preserve the batch no and expiry date of the vaccine and get it signed by the doctor, his full name and seal should be on the slip. Carefully file and store these documents. Also take the vaccine vial with its remanants including the cover and the package insert and store it with you. Observe your child minutely for any adverse reactions (which you should know after doing your research on vaccines) till a period of three to five years at least. If they appear at any time then immediately bring them to the notice of the doctor and also the Secretary, Health and the Director, Public Health. Contact your advocate and file a case against the doctor and the hospital. 

These are very trying times when the medical establishment is acting without any concern for the fate of their patients, little infants and children in case of vaccines. So we cannot trust the establishment any more. People have stopped trusting in fact. 

I also brought this to the notice of senior advocates in Bhubaneswar, some very senior and well meaning doctors, certain Secretaries of important and relevant departments, and the President of the State Women's Commission Dr Jyoti Panigrahy who agreed and said that it is the duty of every mother to protect her child from harm.

I also discussed this in detail with various activists, social workers and Heads of NGOs working in the health sector, both state and national, who thanked me for this as they said they were observing vaccine reactions in communities they served. They also expressed concern and solidarity on the highly unethical Pentavalent vaccine experiment on children in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They said they were already advising communities to bring cases of vaccine adverse reactions and deaths to their notice so that they could set up Tribunals and arrange for compensation and rehabilitation of these children. They said that the Government was not listening to their pleas that pregnant mothers and children needed nutritious food and proper care, not badly managed institutional deliveries and medication. They also brought to my notice the very high incidence of cases of death and disability women are facing after tubectomy.

This made me remember a conference I had attended where senior surgeons and doctors present were protesting vehemently against the practice of both tubetomy and vasectomy and said that considering the risks involved, they should not be advised as a method of birth control. But the very SeniorHealth Official addressing them said that it was a Government policy to encourage such operations and that doctors should not worry about adverse reactions because if their patients filed cases against them then a certain insurance company would pay the penalty. He also assured them that they should not be worried because the Health Tribunal trying those cases would be their own people and they would not give any adverse decisions on such cases as it was a part of their "public service". They instead, he said, should instead concentrate on their targets; 30 cases each month, if I remember correctly.