Letter to Chairman, Immunisation Committee


Dr Raju C Shah,
Immunisation Committee,
Govt of India.

Dt: 30.11.2006

Dear Sir,

Sub: Removal of Thiomersal from vaccines/ Vaccine safety.
We are enclosing the reply we have received from Dr Pradeep Haldar,
Assistant Commissioner (Universal Immunisation Program), in response to
our petition to Hon'ble President of India on the need to remove
Thiomersal from vaccines. The reply unfortunately reflects shallow
thinking as well as disregard for safety of infants whose health Dr Haldar
is supposed to protect.

Dr Haldar declares that Thiomersal is safe and that vaccines without the
mercury containing decontaminant are unsafe. Thus Dr Haldar admits that
vaccines are unsafe per se. It gives us no solace that heavy metals,
deadly neurotoxins, carcinogens, immunosuppressants and immunodestroyers
have to be used in material doses to make the vaccines safe. So what are
these vaccines? Should we at all take the risk of injecting our children
with this deadly slush?

His remarks also contradict the ground reality in USA, UK and other
European countries where every effort is being made to ban Thiomersal in
vaccines, cutting across medical and political differences, and to
increase the supply of Thiomersal free vaccines by removing the mercury
from the end product. The end users are still not happy because this
process does not ensure mercury free vaccines and the mercury presence of
0.5mcg per vaccine shot remains a real and potent threat.

Dr Haldar is obviously very casual and slipshod on this extremely serious
issue and we are forced to come to the conclusion that our children are
not in safe hands. We would request the concerned authorities to place the
UIP in apolitical, dependable and conscientious hands. After all the life
and health of the future of our country is at stake here. The IMA and IAP
should please look into this.

It does not take a lot of intelligence to calculate the amount of mercury
being pumped into our children (a minimum of 25mcg per vaccine shot x the
number of vaccines delivered) and determine the probable toxic effects on
unfortunate toddlers considering that they receive the shots when their
livers are not yet producing bile, let alone be capable of tackling deadly
neurotoxins and other toxic vaccine ingredients. They also lack a developed
myelin sheath to protect their fragile nervous systems.

It must not be ignored that the infants are subjected to two Thiomersal
laced tetanus shots while still in their mothers womb which are mandatory
for pregnant women and which travel to the fetus via the placenta. Raw
mercury, in any form, is known to cross both the placenta barrier as well
as the blood brain barrier.

We have also brought to your notice that the US EPA is very concerned
about the toxicity of mercury and states that mercury can be tolerated to
the extent of 0.1mcg per kg of body weight in adults, ingested, not
injected. What the total quantum of mercury, combined with aluminium which
makes it more toxic, could be doing to our children when injected directly
into their bloodstream bypassing the natural immune system barriers is now
more than evident with figures of over 40,00,000 autistic children alone
staring at our face. The total number of vaccine damaged children in India
will be a huge figure.

We hope your goodself, who is more knowledgeable on the issue, will step
in and ensure that vaccines do not convert perfectly healthy children into
grotesque victims of brain and central nervous system damage leading to
what we term autism, meningitis, encephelopathy, epilepsy, PDDNOS, ADHD,
and other forms of brain and nervous system disorders. This is over and
above serious intestinal problems reported due to the use of multiple
viruses in the DPT/DPaT, which is a part of the UIP. Deaths due to vaccine
shock and acute allergic reactions is another contentious issue.

Parents of autistic children in UK, USA and Europe have demanded that
concerned officials who have obviously "fallen asleep at the switch" as
per US Govt investigators, be tried in human rights courts for
experimenting with the human population aka Nuremberg trials. We sincerely
wish the matter be resolved in our peace loving Gandhian idealogy led
country without resorting to such unpleasant measures.

We once again reiterate that the entire process of vaccine selection, long
term testing, gathering information on international vaccine politics and
bioterrorism dangers, informing public about all possible adverse
reactions, taking informed consent, compensating vaccine damage victims,
and looking after their treatment and rehabilitation needs should be
under a board comprising competent Indian doctors from the IMA, IAP,
NIMHANS, IAPP, AYUSH, Immunologists, peoples representives, and activists.
There should be no foreign intervention or political manipulation of any
kind. All this has been already suggested by distinguished members of the
IMA Sub Committee on Immunisations I am sure the IAP and other medical
associations will agree with this.

This is our final letter (notice) on the subject. If we do not hear from
you by December end, we will be constrained to take this matter up as a
PIL in the Supreme Court to save our future generation from planned
Genocide and corrupt practices.

Yours faithfully,
Jagannath Chatterjee,
Health & Human Rights Activist,
Vaccine Damage Victim.

encl: mail a,a, received from Assistant Commissioner (UIP).

cc: HE Sri Abdul Kalam, Hon'ble President of India,
HE Sri B S Sekhawat, Hon'ble Vice President of India,
Dr Manmohan Singh, Hon'ble Prime Minister,
Ms Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson UPA,
Sri Somnath Chatterjee, Hon'ble Speaker, Lok Sabha,
HE Sri Y K Sabharwal, Hon'ble Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India,
Sri L K Advani, MP, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha,
Sri Jaswant Singh, MP, Rajya Sabha,
Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare,
Ms Renuka Chaudhury, Minister for Women & Child Development,
Secretary, Department of Health,
Secretary, Department of Family Welfare,
Director General, Health Services,
Vice Chairman, Knowledge Commission,
Director, DBT,
President, IMA
President elect, IAP,
President, IAPP,
President, Society for Scientific Values,
Dr. Leo Rebello, Health Freedom Activist, Bombay
Dr Pradeep Haldar, Assistant Commissioner (UIP),
Director, Dept of AYUSH, Govt of India,
Chairman, National Human Rights Commission,
GAVI/WHO/UNICEF/World Bank Represantatives in India,
Hon'ble Members, Autism Forums of India,
Eminent Doctors, Scientists, Immunologists, Lawyers, Journalists &


No. T-13014/06/2006-CC&V

Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
(Department of Family Welfare)
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi

Dated : the 29^th November, 2006


The Under Secretary(P)
President's Secretariat,
Public 1 Section,
Rastrapati Bhawan,


I am to refer to your letter No. PI/C-99155 dated 22.09.2006
forwarding a e-mail message from Dr. Jagannath Chatterjee a Health reform
activist regarding possible cause of increasing case of autism and
neurological or behavioral disorder in children due to presence of
Mercury along with other heavy metals and to inform that this matter has
been considered by the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization
(NTAGI) during its meeting held on 23^rd March, 2006 and recommended that
no change in the current policy of using thiomersal ( mercury
salt) containing vaccine is necessary as the health of vaccinated infants
are not affected by use of thiomersal as preservative in multi-dose vials.
Use of multi-dose vial without thiomersal would be unsafe ( due to
contamination by environmental bacteria, particularly S aureaus).

The Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS)
during August, 2003 after review of epidemiologic evidence and
phamacokinetic profile of thiomersal concluded that there is currently no
evidence of mercury toxicity in infants, Children or adults exposed to
thiomersal in vaccines. The GACVS during its fourteenth meeting in Geneva,
Switzerland, on 6-7 June, 2006 reviewed the data again and the conclusion
previously reached and re-affirmed that there is no evidence of toxicity
in infants, children or adults exposed to thiomersal in vaccine. It is
also concluded that there is no reason to change the current immunization
practices with thiomersal containing vaccines on the grounds of safety.

In view of the recommendation of NTAGI, there is no need to
change the current Immunization practices with thiomersal containing
vaccines. This may be communicated to the petitioner as this Department do
not have the address of petitioner.

This issues with the approval of Secretary(H&FW).

Yours faithfully,

( Dr. Pradeep Haldar)
Assistant Commissioner(UIP)

Copy to:

Shri Jagannath Chatterjee, Health Reform activist.