Information to Parents about Vaccinating Infants

Information to Parents about Vaccinating Infants
- Jagannath Chatterjee

Usually non vaccinated children do not fall a prey to disease easily, if they do they easily recover and achieve lifetime immunity because it is natural and complete immunity. If at all a vaccine provides any immunity it is only temporary and thus more and more booster doses are recommended.

Vaccines are designed to act against the body's natural immune system by employing powerful chemical agents called adjuvants so the child starts developing many complications starting from allergy, chronic cough and cold, asthma to cancer, autism, diabetes, abnormal sexual growth or infertility  and many more. I have rarely heard a non vaccinated child die from any disease unless the treatment was mismanaged.

Doctors today are not vaccinating their children or are doing it extremely selectively. This is because they have become aware of the many toxic ingredients of the vaccines, how the vaccines go against the immune system  and also how the live viruses and contaminated viruses in vaccines can cause problems.

There is also the problem of animal viruses contamination in vaccines as vaccines are prepared using animal organs/serum. Such viruses can cause cancer or autoimmune disorders.

Brain damage from vaccines is a high probability.

Vaccine adverse effects may not show up immediately and may take months or years or decades to manifest. The many chronic illnesses now spreading among populations all over the world are making us apprehensive about vaccines and how they are adversely affecting our immune system and other organs or systems. Children today are the sickest ever and are developing conditions not earlier observed. Disability and behavioral changes among children is growing rapidly.

Vaccine adverse effects are not curable and serious adverse effects may disable the child who will require very expensive lifetime care which very few people can afford.

Because vaccines can cause learning and behavioural problems, education becomes a problem and later, employment. Usually vaccine damage is not eligible for disability certificate. Our government also does not acknowledge or recognise vaccine adverse effects and so the victims do not receive any kind of compensation or help. So the biggest worry of vaccine injured children today is who will look after the children after they are gone?

Doctors cannot and do not help because they are not taught about vaccine adverse effects and how to treat them. They often laugh and mock the parents who complain about vaccine adverse effects and even threaten them asking them to remain silent or else treatment would be refused to them. The society too mistreats such children as they may appear abnormal and thus be bullied, made fun of or shunned. So such victims are often confined to the house to avoid bad behaviour or comments from others.

Such children in the family also causes frictions between family members and have seen to result in divorces. So now it is up to you do do your own research, convince yourself and then decide whether to vaccinate your child. What I have written is not false but based upon my own personal experience with vaccine injury. I wish your child good health and to be a sensible, intelligent and socially active contributor to the society. Wish you all the best.

Please remember that there are homeopathic remedies that can prevent some illnesses that children may be affected with in childhood. Even if they fall a prey to disease homeopathy is a very safe option of treatment that does not allow complications to develop. For this please take the help of an experienced and qualified homeopaths. Some are also treating via the internet.

Remember also that an ayurvedic and naturopathic detoxification of the parents is today a must prior to conception as both the placental fluid and breast milk has been irreversibly poluuted with various toxins. Treating a pregnant lady gently, providing her with love and emotional support besides nutritional care, proper mild exercise, yoga, pranayama and keeping her under homeopathic care besides checking for anaemia and blood pressure (both of which can be tackled homeopathically or with ayurveda) will lead to natural childbirth and a healthy child.

Proper breastfeeding of the child (including the first milk, colostrum), exclusively for the first six months and continuing up to two years, taking care of the nutritional needs of the mother during pregnancy, and keeping both the mother and child under supervision of an experienced and qualified homeopath will avert any possible complications and lead to a healthy child.

The child must receive the love and affection of all the members of the family and protected from environmental toxins. It should be given only properly filtered water (after the six month breastfeeding period) and proper food using locally available cereals, pulses, vegetable mixes according to advice from a nutritionist after the six months of brestfeeding.

The arrival of a child in the family is a blessing from God and also mitigates the suffering of others. Please do not distinguish between the girl or boy child. Both are the same and will respond equally to your love and will return that love with interest when they grow up and you require their help.

Please remember that vaccines are only recommended and not mandatory. If you are forced to have a hospital childbirth please intimate your doctor about your vaccination choice and remind him that you have read about vaccine risks (which you must do) and that you are exercising your legal, parental and constitution given right not to vaccinate your child. If the doctor refuses then go to another hospital and chose a doctor who will cooperate. Always keep your child close to you during your hospital stay as nurses may out of habit vaccinate the child with what they call zero hour vaccines. the BCG vaccine, the Hep-B and the first dose of the OPV is given just after birth often without the knowledge of the parents.

If inspite of your clear instructions doctors or nurses forecfully vaccinate your child immediately file a case of assault in the police station under which the hospital falls and name both the doctor and the hospital as accused in your FIR. Then contact a lawyer to fight your case. Also contact the health department, local branches of the IMA or IAP and file a written complaint to them again mentioning the doctor and the hospital.

Exercise your rights and exercise them well.Fight for the safety and health of your child like the tigress you are. Remember once again no one will come to your aid if your child dies, has an adverse effect or is disabled by any vaccine. You will be alone in this world and not only the doctor but the society, and also your own relatives, the education system will be against you. The entire medical system and the educational system will fleece you and test your patience in every way.

So beware! Educate before you vaccinate. Read books, search the internet, procure and read vaccine product inserts, ask knowledgeable people, find out about vaccine ingredients and their reactions and how they can impact your child. Talk to parents of victims or the victims themselves. Your doctor is unfortunately not going to help you in any way in your quest for the truth. He has been programmed only to recommend and administer vaccines. He has targets to fulfill and commissions to earn. His upkeep and his bread and butter depends entirely on how many vaccines he can inject into your child and how many diseases he can cause to further augment his income. Tis is a truth which is unpalatable but absolutely true.

If you decide to vaccinate your child with a few vaccines for diseases you may consider deadly then ensure that you receive and get mercury free vaccines. (There are actually no mercury free vaccines. Mercury is used in the process of manufacturer and traces of mercury remain in the vaccines. The mercury compound Thiomersal used in vaccines, as all forms of mercury, is a genotoxin and thus is more toxic in minute doses. So parents beware.)

The mercury free DaPT is supposed to be a safer option than the DPT. The IPV is to be prefered to the OPV. Do not let your child be vaccinated with more than one vaccine at a time. Space the vaccines accordingly. You can also decide your child to develop a little before vaccinating. Do not vaccinate at any cost if your child is sick in any way, however mild the episode may be. Do not combine the OPV with any other injectible vaccine if at all you opt for it. If your family has a history of chronic autoimmune illnesses you may reconsider your decision to vaccinate. If one dose of the vaccine causes any reaction then avoid further doses as they will be more reactive.

You can read the book by Dr Robert Sears on the subject if you decide for selective vaccines. Overall read Neil Z Millers book, Vaccine Safety Manual. They are available in both flipkart and amazon. There are many other books too. You can also read up on mercury, aluminum, phenol, squalene, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, MSG, pig gelatin, bovine serum, contaminants etc which are a part of vaccines. rDNA contamination has also been found in DNA vaccines.

Your child is too precious to loose or be hurt by the system that our society has unfortunately spawned by not evaluating and testing, criticising and inititating the necessary reforms. We have more or less accepted everything based upon good faith, which should not have been the case in the first place. We are ourselves responsible for what has happened today to our society, and it is we ourselves who must now fight the evils and restore both science and spirituality, the two wings upon which our society should fly and progress.