How unethical can doctors be?

How unethical can doctors be?
- Jagannath Chatterjee

I have been writing on the politics of vaccines but its total ramifications and the extensive involvement of the medical fraternity in conning and deceiving the public on the matter is still difficult to imagine or expect.

 Recently I was in a group that is composed of highly educated and highly acclaimed doctors in the field of medical ethics. They are also academicians of repute and authors of highly rated and extremely expensive text books on the subject.

But very soon I found out that they were very touchy on the matters of both public health and ethics, subjects they were all international experts of repute. My on field experiences on the matter, my simplistic and practical solutions and mostly my suggestion that quick fixes like vaccines without taking care of vital aspects as defined in the concept of public health were not the answers to the problems that particularly the rural poor in developing countries faced, were clearly not palatable to them.

I soon faced attacks which were very personal, ugly and highly unethical and the more sophisticated among them indicated that I was abusing the group! I was soon targeted by a shady character whose role in the group I could never really fathom and he added salt to my wounds by adding my photo in his photo album which he termed, "The Hall of Shame"!

I did not mind for there I was in the company of stalwarts like Dr Andrew Wakefield and other dignitaries who had dared to challenge the shady machinations of today's industry sponsored medical practice.

But I responded by providing links to all scientific material, including books, which dealt on the hotly debated subject of vaccine damage in the ethics group. I was immediately expelled, which was not surprising considering how the group luminaries were treating me from the word go.

But then I was attracted to a group called something like Ethics in Autism or something like that, because I was somewhat intrigued by the subject. And what did I find there? Those very luminaries in the ethics group where I was subjected to scorn for my views were busy, in a very innocent kind of way, in suggesting through their posts to the helpless parents of the autistic children and their trainers and therapists that autism was best explained as of genetic origin and that all research funds meant for autism research are best channeled into such research!

All this when the best of genetic studies have proved beyond doubt that autism is not genetic in origin as the changes in multiple genes and the hundreds of genetic mutations WERE NOT TRACEABLE TO THE PARENTS! Rather these studies have pointed out the multifaceted damage the children faced and suggested the very methods of treatment that doctors trying to treat autistic children and practicing and being threatened and victimised for it!

It was then that I understood their antagonism and highly unethical behaviour towards me when I was posting the truth about public health and what science had unearthed about vaccine induced damage. Now what should we call these international experts, authors and academicians on the subjects of public health and ethics? I leave it to the readers to decide. I find it difficult to stoop to levels required to even condemn them and their actions.