How Dr Andrew Wakefield Was Crucified!

How Dr Andrew Wakefield Was Crucified!
- Jagannath Chatterjee 

For those trying to follow the vaccine risk scenatrio, it is very important to know about the crucification of Dr Andrew Wakefield. Dr Wakefield is a reputed British gastroenerologist. Around 1995-96 his attention was drawn to a peculiar and extremely painful form of gastrointestinal disease in autistic children which he termed the Illeal Lymphoid Hyperplasia. Cases were also reported to him by another gastrenterologist called Dr John Walker Smith. These two doctors then teamed up with ten others to prepare a case study involving twelve autistic children whose parents either contacted him directly or were refered to him by other doctors. 

The case study was  published by the British Medical Journal in the year 1998. The case study simply outlined the new disease and commented that the MMR vaccine strain virus was found in the gastrointestinal tissues of the children affected who had a history of the MMR vaccine. Dr Wakefield et al surmised that the relation between the MMR vaccine and this form of gastrointestinal distress needs to be researched further. That is all. He also discussed this in a press conference called by the Dean of the hospital where Dr Wakefield et al served and under whose auspices the study was conducted. 

The publication and the press conference created a stir and caused a fall in the uptake of the MMR vaccine. The public also questioned the UK government for introducing and forcing a vaccine on the British children, vaccine already in the news in the USA and other countries for severe adverse effects as reported by parents of affected children. The British government went on a damage control mode and decided to attack Wakefield et al. However at this time Tony Blair, then Prime Minister, refused to answer questions regarding his own sons MMR vaccination status. But he defended the vaccine implying that the connections went to the very top echelons of the government. 

The entire episode had a global fall out and a pharmaceutical organisation funded journalist Brian Deer then jumped into the picture as he was asked to "expose" Wakefield. He then assumed a false name and hounded the parents of the children studied. He also was provided illegal access to private medical records of the children by unknown entities. He also had access to the hospital correspondence where Wakefield and others were employed. They only revealed that the very Dean who arranged the press conference was under pressure by persons in the UK government to quash the study. It was also revealed that not one but two studies were proposed, one of which, other than the case study that was published and in the news, was funded by a law agency that was dealing with legal cases involving MMR vaccine victims. 

Very soon Dr Wakefield was accused of various charges by the General Medical Council of the UK. The case dragged along for years, many details were not put on public domain, and ultimately resulted in Dr Wakefield loosing his licence to practice in the UK. The BMJ then decided to pull out the publication. All through out Dr Wakefield and Dr J W Smith staunchly defended the study and so did parents of eleven of the twelve children who were studied. The press led by John Murdoch's publications then launched a massive slander campaign against Dr Wakefield who relocated to the USA and continued to serve the cause of the autistic children. He also brought out a book explaining in detail the conspiracy that was launched against him. 

Neither the GMC nor Murdoch's press, nor Brian Deer had any reply to the various points raised by Dr Wakefield in his book, "Callous Disregard". Then the Rupert Murdoch scandal involving the NOTW journal broke out revealing how the Murdoch empire conducted its business. John Murdoch's links to the vaccine manufacturers also surfaced as did the links of the journal BMJ to Merck and GSK and those that of the the editor of the Sunday Times, London whose father was linked to the vaccine manufacturers. The public too now demands answers from the UK government alleging that vital records disclosing the innocence of Dr Wakefield were suppressed. The tide is now turning with the heat upon the perpretrators of perhaps the greatest crime in the history of medicine