Children of Odisha Need Food, Not Vaccines!

Ms Anu Garg,
Commissioner-Cum-Secretary Health & Family Welfare
Govt of Orissa

Dt: 11.06.2011

Sub: Your instruction to District Collectors to raise vaccination rates.

Respected Ma'am,

Please accept my namaskar. Your efforts to offer children protection against diseases is praiseworthy. However we wish to point out that vaccinating severely malnourished children of Orissa will not serve the purpose. Vaccines are notorious for causing the very diseases they are supposed to prevent. Very recently repeated outbreaks of measles in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh amongst vaccinated children has been reported. These incidents indicate that the primary requirement of children is not vaccination but adequate nutrition in order to induce resistance power in their vulnerable and immature but rapidly growing bodies.

Vaccines are known for damaging the gastrointestinal tract in children. This leads to malabsorption of whatever food they manage to get. The "leaky gut syndrome" observed in vaccine damaged children points to the fact that vaccines, by lowering the immune resistance, leaves the children open to yeast and candida infections. These parasites release toxins that manage to escape into the bloodstream by perforating the intestines.

The extremely toxic vaccine ingredients also damage the liver and pancreas causing anorexia, a disease characterized by lowering of appetite in children, fudgy eating habits, and inducing the junk food addiction amongst children that is a curse of our times. I can write to you about the various other damaging effects of vaccines but that would be beyond the scope of this letter.

However I would appeal to you to rescue the urban children also who are at the mercy of pediatricians who think nothing about giving 36 or more shots of toxic vaccines to children despite knowing fully well the consequences. This is a far cry from the times when knowledgeable child specialists frowned even at gripe mixtures arguing that infants should not be medicated at any cost.

I would therefore request you to kindly take up instead the issue of mid day meals scheme that has been an abject failure in Orissa due to various reasons and also the other schemes targeting the nourishment of pregnant women. The infants and children of Orissa need nourished mothers, mothers milk and nourishing food, not vaccines.

Yours faithfully,

Jagannath Chatterjee
A/68, First Floor