Bold and Innovative Ideas for Increasing Vaccine Uptake.

Bold and Innovative Ideas for Increasing Vaccine Uptake.
- Jagannath Chatterjee, (as submitted to 

[This is in email consultation with doctors, medical scientists, advocates, media persons, public health activists, human rights activists, victims of vaccines and parents of vaccine damaged children, both in India and abroad]

Our bold & innovative ideas for increasing vaccine uptake are;

1. Conducting independent and unbiased vaccine safety research, both short term and long term, and also research on safety about the combined effect of various vaccines given to the children.

2. Compare the health of vaccinated vs non vaccinated children.

3. Identify all cases of vaccine induced deaths and damage.

4. Compensate parents of those children who died because of vaccines. Identify children damaged and disabled due to vaccines, provide them free treatment for life, compensate them and rehabilitate them when they reach the employable age. Arrange for giving disability certificate to them so as to make it possible for them to avail all disabilty benefits.

5. Remove mercury, aluminum, phenol, squalene, polysorbate 80 and other toxic chemicals from vaccines. Ensure that all vaccines are free from zoonotic virus contamination. In DNA vaccines ensure that there is no rDNA contamination. Prevent the use of human cell lines in vaccines.

6. Inform Hindu's that bovine serum is used in vaccines, Muslims that porcine serum and gelatin is used in vaccines, and vegetarians that animal and human serum is used in vaccines.

7. Provide parents with full disclosure of all probable and possible risks from vaccines and take their written and informed consent before vaccinating their children. This should be read out to them in their own language and it should be ensured that they have properly and adequately understood and comprehended the information so provided.

8. Make it mandatory for doctors, health care workers and parents to report vaccine injury and death to a vaccine adverse effect reporting database. This database should be kept on public domain.

9. Ensure that all required and free legal aid is given to parents of vaccine effected children or victims if they want to sue the doctor/hospital/govt/vaccine manufacturer for vaccines manufactured, sold,recommended and administered by them.

10. Set up an advanced state of the art laboratory in India and in other developing nations to independently test all vaccines for toxic ingredients, contamination related zoonotic and human viruses, junk DNA and RNA material and fragments, and for the presence of bioterrorism agents and infertility agents, hormonal or otherwise.

11. These laboratories should also test the vaccines, both single and in combination with the other vaccines administered to infants and children in schedules recommended by the govt or other public medical bodies for a minimum period of 3 to 5 years against a control who should receive a plain sugar placebo and not any other vaccine or toxic element.

12. To determine generational effects, single and combination of all vaccines routinely given to children should be tested on at least three generations of mice to know the long term effects of vaccines.

13. Doctors should sign an warranty of vaccine safety and efficacy saying that the vaccines are 100% safe and effective, contain no harmful chemicals, heavy metals, neurotoxins, contaminated viruses, zoonotic or otherwise, in animal or human serums, and that in case of vaccine damage or death they will be held personally liable for payment of damages. They will also write that they will accept the parents claim of vaccine damage and will not influence them or threaten them in any manner, verbal or otherwise, when they report so. If they do not wish to sign such an warranty of vaccine safety and efficacy they should give in writing their reasons for not doing so. The format of such an warranty has already been submitted to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India but no acknowledgement of receipt has been received so far.

14. The government should through public newspaper and television advertisements inform the public regularly about all the ingredients of various vaccines, the probable and possible effects therefrom to infants and children singly and in combination, and the full range of short term and long term risks from vaccines so as to help the parents take an informed decision on the matter.

15. It should also declare that all vaccine deaths, damages and disability, whether short term or long term, will be acknowledged and not denied, ignored or otherwise explained.

16. It should also inform the public, after public consultation and debate, the quantum of compensation that should be paid to victims and how they should be given free treatment for life, given disability status and rehabilitated once they reach employable age.

17. It should declare that pregnant women, pre term children, low birth weight children, under nourished and malnourished children, children suffering from any immunity related disorders, chronic illness, sick children, children having a family history of vaccine damage, of having a family history of autoimmune disorders or serious chronic disorders will not be vaccinated as vaccines have never been tested for safety for these categorries as it is assumed and surmised that they face the maximum risk from vaccines.

18. It should be declared that only one vaccine should be given at one time. There should be enough space between vaccines and that all further vaccines should be stopped immediately if any vaccine damage from any vaccine is noticed.It has been officially declared that at least the OPV should not be administered along with any other injectible vaccines as the paralysis can extend from the injection point. There should be a gap of two to three months between the OPV administration and any injection. A study has found that children injected for various reasons have a much higher rate of contacting polio. Polio susceptibility also increases after the DPT vaccine as per another study. 

19. Adverse vaccine reactions from each vaccine or from the combined vaccines administered to the pregnant women, infants and children should be taught in detail to doctors and the subject included in their medical textbooks. They should know each condition/damage that may arise from administering vaccines and be provided a detailed protocol for dealing with all possible vaccine damage cases so as to obtain the best possible results, the target being to attain full recovery, if possible.

20. There should be a free, informative and fair debate on vaccine risks on every possible forum with due representation of public, health activists and rights activists; this debate should be regularly carried out and all recommendations coming out of such debates should be available in public domain and should be sincerely and fairly implemented from time to time. 

The committee involved in preparing this first draft recommendation reserves the right to make further changes to this draft document based upon further consultations and feedback received from time to time. The group wishes to be collectively known as The International Association of Concerned Citizen on Matters of Vaccine Safety and Research. (IACCMVSR). The committee does not profess to represent all stakeholders on the issue who have their own right to come out with their own set of recommendations on matters of vaccine safety and research.