Adverse Effects of the Rotavirus Vaccine

ROTAVIRUS VACCINE: There are three types of virus families that can cause diarrhea, Calcivirus, Astrovirus and Rotavirus. It can also be caused by other pathogens or by way of indigestion/food poisoning. Among the Rotavirus family only four viruses (G1, G2, G3, G4) are targeted by this vaccine. Rotavirus diarrhea occurs in winter months. It can be tackled with ORS, as with other kinds of diarrhea as well, as per a WHO report. The Rotavirus vaccine can cause adverse reactions like diarrhea, blood/mucous in stools, vomiting, and most important, intestinal telescoping called intussusception. Unless immediately treated with invasive procedures or surgery this can result in death. Cases of intussusception following the vaccine are already being reported in India. One of the rotavirus vaccines has also been associated with an increase in lower respiratory tract infections. During the trials of the vaccines many parents withdrew their babies due to reactions.