Should we fall for yet another planned epidemic?


Should we fall for yet another planned epidemic?

Before Covid was declared a pandemic I had written about how it was the "perfect virus" as it helped launch many an agenda.

  • The bird flu is another perfect virus;
  • It once again demonizes common detoxification symptoms of the body
  • As the symptoms are common it can "spread" very fast
  • It threatens birds, cattle, pets and animals
  • It is the perfect ploy to take down the entire food system; milk, meat, eggs
  • It is designed to take down farmers
  • By creating fear around milk and meat products it becomes Godsend for the artificial milk, meat, and egg industry
  • It will once again provide the opportunity to push mRNA products
  • It will cover up the deaths from the previous shots
  • It will help redraft the Pandemic Treaty
  • It will be the second big step to further the entire WEF agenda

Depop exercise for the entire planet

When Swine Flu was declared in 2009 a few virologists had commented that it is not so easy for animal diseases to jump to humans. The toxicity of any bite or scratch remains with the victim. The victim thereupon does not become contagious.

They pointed out that humans have cohabited with domestic animals since ages. Research on the microbiome reveals that proximity to nature and animals lead to sharing of microbes and have a beneficial impact.

Earlier we had the common cold in winter months. Indians were not prone to suffer from influenza that populations living in extreme cold conditions suffered from.

Research also reveals the beneficial effects of infections. Several studies show that children who suffer from common childhood illnesses do not develop cancers and chronic diseases later in life.

This is similar to the naturopathic view that the body uses the acute illness form to detoxify. Upon detoxification it returns to its healthy state.

Today we are told we must be very afraid of acute diseases. We are also being told that birds and animals are a great threat to our lives.

It seems the birds, poultry, and cattle are affected by the bird flu virus and two people have also been affected. The birds and cattle have shown no signs of illness. The men too have no symptoms apart from red eyes. It is being claimed that a child from India who suffered seizures has "recovered from the virus". How do we know they have the bird flu virus? Through the same PCR test that led to up to 97% of asymptomatic people testing positive and which the CDC discontinued because it could not distinguish between influenza and Covid. The inventor Dr Karry Mullis had warned the test could be manipulated to prove anything and everything.

A death, of a Mexican person, from Bird Flu has also been reported. The Health Minister of Mexico has called the bluff and pointed out that the person was seriously ill for a number of days with chronic illness and died of kidney failure.

In response there is a great culling of poultry and cattle. Millions of mRNA based vaccines are ready. Those in proximity to the "affected animals" are already on line to be vaccinated.

Medical theory says if you are exposed to any disease and do not fall sick, you are immune. But then science, as we have seen during Covid, can contradict itself, be unscientific, and yet be called science.

There is climate change. Speakers at the World Economic Forum meetings have declared that people are a threat to the planet and we can do with much less. The same people advocate mass vaccination programs "to save lives".

Climate change, it seems, is caused by cow fart. The world has to be saved from cows and people. What threat does these two species face now? Bird flu. What is the solution? Culling of animals, and subjecting humans to mRNA based vaccines. The same that have become associated with excess deaths in all countries that implemented the Covid vaccine program.

Bird flu is now found in milk. Eggs are yet another threat. Meat from affected animals is a strict no no.

Climate change also requires a shift to plant based food. Corporates and corporate philanthropists have invested heavily in laboratory based artificial non vegetarian products. It is a coincidence that they benefit from bird flu.

The WHO talks of "one health". It avers that nature is the greatest enemy of man. Therefore for the benefit of mankind control over all natural resources must rest with the WHO. Who owns the WHO? It is a coincidence that the corporate philanthropist Bill Gates is the largest funder of the organization and the WHO head, Tedros is a past employee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Covid vaccines, as we know now are causing deep seated changes in the body and culminating in deaths due to various causes. As warned by doctors and scientists, the death crescendo will overwhelm the world at a point of time. The vaccine manufacturers have claimed legal immunity because the adverse effects will show up after 4 years; that is from 2025.

Bird flu, as we are being warned, will kill a large number of people around late 2024 and 2025. It is a coincidence that it merges with the projected peak of the Covid vaccine adverse effects.

Bird flu is coincidentally helping solve many a problem and will profit a section who it seems have absolutely nothing to do with it.

It is beneficial for some and the end of the road for most. People await with bated breath for the next round of masking, social distancing, lockdowns and a massive vaccination campaign.

It is a coincidence that the vaccines are not vaccines but have been termed so because the people will blindly roll up their sleeves when that magic word is uttered.

The million dollar question is, do we submit to "science" or rise against it?