Why does it have to be like this?


There are so many question. Here is a probable answer.

  • The physical world has its rules. Breaking them have serious consequences.
  • There is an underlying current carrying the world. Every living being is aligned to it. Knowing that and flowing with it enriches life and makes one productive
  • Spiritual laws are inbuilt into every human being. There was a time when people automatically corrected those who mistakenly strayed. Then came a time when peers rebuked for following them. Dharma became superstition. We dutifully followed and we are here
  • Sages silently move away from places where the eternal laws are not followed and broken. Because breaking these laws invite discontent, corruption, disruption, and destruction
  • Babylon was where historically all laws were flouted for the sake of illicit pleasures. It was destroyed. Today's Babylon encompasses the world
  • Prophecies are not meant to scare. They are warnings to heed. They are calls to rectify oneself. They are appeals to move out of the cycle of birth and death so one does not have to suffer in the midst of what is ahead
  • God does not rule this world. It has a mind of its own. The battle for that mind is crucial to maintain or destroy it. The mind is the devil that prods one towards worldly pleasures and acquisitions without heeding the duties and responsibilities. The mind becomes divine when it is devoted to God
  • Scriptures reveal the word, laws and the path. They reflect the inner urge within all. The path to perdition begins when the word is disregarded
  • There is no need to be so crestfallen that you cannot rise. All have been deceived. It does not take elaborate rituals to return. Just an acknowledgement within is enough
  • What is coming is huge. You need your spiritual armor to deflect it. Remembrance of your God, remembering your eternal nature, detaching from the ways of the world, and chanting your mantra is the protection you need
  • Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Take what comes. You are indestructible. The world is meant to crumble. Birth may happen. Death is certain. Death does not touch the real you
  • Be humble. Pray. Connect. Help the affected. The vain and egoistic will jump into the fire

What will happen will happen. Be ready.