No political solution. The battle is complicated


The battle is complicated.

There is no political solution to the crisis. All the political parties have taken the lead in welcoming globalist agendas and taking them forward. The left parties take pride that they are anti establishment. But their silence on the matters of global rule is deafening. Their actions in states where they have been in power have either taken the agenda forward or led to conflicts that served the purpose.

The agenda is now very strong and is being taken forward by bureaucrats, corporates, and intellectuals who are protected and cannot be removed by a voting process.

Only Indira Gandhi had opposed this during her rule. It was surprising because her father actively established all that was required for the country to remain a slave to the global forces.

Post Indira Rajeev destroyed all that she stood for and decimated her concept of self reliance.

Currently we do not have politicians, we have people greedy for power and wealth and they will do anything to preserve their status. They are perfect fodder for the forces that seek to destroy the country.

Then there are those that know what they are up against and prefer to stay silent. Many of our leaders fall into this category.

To think or assume that the political system will help in any way is foolish. That is not going to happen. I have been saying this for decades and therefore I am not interested in politics.

So what is the solution?

All tyrannical forces of the past have fallen due to one factor: Rebellion. Public uprising is the only solution.

There is a global increase in oppression. There is a shift from emphasis on human beings to the emphasis on machines, robots and artificial intelligence. The human being after a short period will no longer be needed. Therefore there will be brutal assaults via wars and riots to thin the herd.

Our only hope is that, stung by the happenings, people become forced to rebel. Even countries will feel burdened. Armed forces worldwide are not happy. There are powerful people who are opposing the takeover.

What will begin with the public uprising will witness polarization of countries and armies. This polarization will not be overtly visible but will be a powerful undercurrent.

Currently the efforts to destroy the USA are very apparent. It has been a long term plan. The USA was formed with the concept of freedom and attracted such people. By destroying the country the Company hopes to scare the world and move it towards corporate communism via China.

India too has political parties that are very comfortable with China.

The religion card will be played to destroy the major religions. This will pave the world for a perverted religion to take over under the garb of One World Religion which is the most important agenda that will be kickstarted by the sacrifice of the red heifers. While people think Jews are behind it but it is an old religion that the Egyptians and later Romans adopted. The Christians are aware of this. It is not religion but anti-religion; Adharma. The only way to counter it is Dharma.

Earlier this religion ruled through an energy structure facilitated by the Pyramids. Currently they want to cement their position using satellites and AI.

This stranglehold will be very difficult to beat. Dharma is at its lowest ebb and slated to lose its last leg. But it will not die. It will rise again using whatever power is available. This mirrors the anomalies in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Both Rama and Krishna broke rules to establish Dharma. This will happen again.

The situation is very critical. I was alerted to all of this around the year 2000. I have since then tried to understand the overall situation from a new angle. My mentors felt that human beings alone cannot face and overcome what is coming. Today I fully agree with them.

The world is self evolving. It is not dependent on anything apart from the intelligence behind it. It is actually energy. But for taking its form it needs elements. Like gold cannot become ornament without the involvement of baser elements.

Now these elements are actually negative energy. The overall energy keeps them in check for three cycles; Satya, Dwapar, and Treta. In the last 1000 years of Kali Yuga they are awarded full control as they too have to be appeased. The negative forces seek the opportunity to seize the world by motivating and taking human beings away from their divine connection and origins.

This is what we are witnessing now. God has become superstition. The devil is much sought after. Charmed by comforts the people have become slaves of the negative energy and see no wrong in promoting its objectives. The new world order is very appealing to them. They are choosing their prison without regard for the consequences.

However powerful the negative energies may be, they are fully aware that divine energies control the world. Therefore they need to seek voluntary consent at every step.

They also know they will not succeed. Therefore parallelly they are also engaged in distortion and destruction. The intent is; if we cannot have it, it should not exist.

We are facing the mother of all battles. All the forces within will play their part - positive or negative. The world moves as a collective. People think they are the ones who are engaging themselves.

So let us each play our part mindful of the consequences. The law of karma lies at the core of the world. Good attracts good, evil attracts evil. All will die, but their next dream will be according to their actions. The end of the cycle amplifies the results of action and therefore caution and discrimination must be our prime weapons.