The Bay of Bengal & Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri


The prophecy of the sea waters reaching the Jagannath Temple has three phases;

  • In the first incident the water will reach the wall of the Temple called the Meghnad wall. This wall was set up so the roar of the sea could not reach the ears of Lord Jagannath
  • In the second incident the water will go inside and inundate the 21 steps to touch the seat of the Lord called the Ratna Singhasan
  • The third event will witness the water flow over the temple top. This will happen as a comet falls into the Bay of Bengal

The first incident could be due to a big cyclone. The second will be a tsunami where the waters reach about 25 kms inland. In the third incident the water will reach 60kms inland to touch the Khandagiri caves in Bhubaneswar. The coastal areas of South India and Bengal too would be severely affected.

Many of the major end time astrological signs prophesied by Achyutananda are falling this year. It is also in this year that Lord Jagannath will leave the temple. An incident that will happen prior to it will have huge fallout and expose many.

The Jagannath Temple has been at the centre of all activities and thought processes in Odisha. Therefore when I first read that the ties between the Lord and people will weaken and the Lord will be maligned I was not inclined to believe it.

Yes the Temple has also been central to power struggles, but for the common masses the Lord has been a huge solace. The ties helped people overcome their limitations and be always connected to the divine. At times of difficulty just thinking of the Lord would protect.

Gradually we had to witness the ties erode and people succumbing to the pitfalls of the world. As the dependence on the divine reduced it was replaced by selfishness and dependence on wealth alone. The mind also did not fear the things that distracted from the divine. In doing so it provided a huge opportunity to Kali to occupy the minds of people.

The three years beginning April 2024 will be very harsh for the people of the State. One may ask why. The people have been very close to the Lord. Why should they face the wrath?

One can say that the people of Odisha are the favorite of the Lord. He expected them to remain on the true path. It broke his heart that they forgot him and strayed. That hurt. The mother will always severely punish the good son who goes astray.

There are many guardians of the Jagannath culture. It is a wonder how they remained silent to the many atrocities and deviations and they flowed with the reverse waves of the age.